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New Project Highlights 'Brutality' of Trump's Overseas Assassination Campaign


New Project Highlights 'Brutality' of Trump's Overseas Assassination Campaign

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Many more innocent people stand to lose their lives if this program continues unchecked by Congress or the courts."

U.S. President Donald Trump is waging a "disturbing" assassination campaign in Yemen that "eclipses all that came before it in scale and brutality," according to a report (pdf) released Friday by the human rights organization Reprieve.


And the takeaway is Trump’s campaign is brutal because he has doubled the illegal strikes and drone killings when Obama ran it. Apparently systematic killing of civilian populations is okay if it’s done by a Democrat and stays under a specific number determined by Obama.


This is an important story, but when is Comondreams going to mention the ongoing atrocities (which did not startyesterday) in Myanmar - specifically the Muslim Rohingya genocide? It is being defended by, of all people the great Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Au Sang Suu Kyi?

Is something an atrocity only when the US is doing it?


Here is a link to the BBC interview/article that answers many questions:
The Rohingya crisis: Why won’t Aung San Suu Kyi act?

No matter who is perpetrating the crimes, it is totally unacceptable and has to stop. Too bad the US has not taken any lead to peaceably intercede in so many around the world (and by its own hand).


What does “intercede” mean?


Is it possible to agree that doubling the killing is bad? You don’t have to conclude then that 50% of the killing is OK.


It goes to show that anyone who puts much of their faith in ANY “hero” is in for a disappointment. in this case is not just Suu Kyi but the supposed peacefulness of Buddhists too… Of course, this is not the first black mark on Buddhism - recall the Sri Lankan Buddhist’s atrocities, massacres and ethnic cleansing of the Tamil Hindus a few years ago…

This just strengthens my anarcho-syndicalist convictions. We should never put our trust in ANY individual human so-called-leader or guru - only the wisdom of a deliberative collectives of ordinary people from a broad range of backgrounds.


TJ, chairman of the al Awlaki memorial committee.


Having been raised a Catholic (all good pirohi-eating Yunzers are either Catholics or Slavic-Orthodox), “intercede” was something that you appeal for the resurrected Jesus to ask his Big Daddy in heaven to do for you.

In this case, he means more like “broker” in an impartial way. The closest the US ever came to that was, maybe, Jimmy Carter’s Begin-Sadat/Israel-Egypt peace agreement. It’s been all downhill from there. Now what the US State Dept. calls “negotiation” means “Do what we say or we will kill you all!”


Attempt to bring all parties to the table to discuss differences, propose solutions, and assume responsibility for carrying out those solutions. No violence, threat of violence, recriminations, cocercion, use of military force, etc. allowed.

Intercede: synonyms: mediate, intermediate, arbitrate, conciliate, negotiate, moderate


Reprive’s quiz question, “Have you ever answered a call from someone you don’t know?” This goes out to all you-all who proclaim, “I don’t do anything wrong, I don’t have anything to worry about.” Just answer the call, right here in the U.S.of A., that one wrong number call is all it takes for you to be having something to worry about. Sad part, you won’t even know it, or the amount of doo, doo your in for.


‘Brutality’ of Trump’s Overseas Assassination Campaign
Of course 500,000 dead Iraqi children under Clinton Albright don’t count for much nor do the thousands or millions killed by other US presidents.
It’s just business as usual; and the profits are better than ever.
… but if someone was killing puppies or kittens the American people might get really concerned.




tRUMP IS continuing a program WAGED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA. Do “progressives”/liberals/Democrats ONLY care about kiill lists, assassinations & drone strikes when a REPUBLICAN is in the White House? if so, that means THERE IS NO REAL PRINCIPLE on these issues–ONLY PARTISANSHIP. Pathetic.