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New Report: ABC, CBS, NBC Covered Climate Crisis Connection to Hurricane Dorian Only Once in 216 Segments on Storm

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/07/new-report-abc-cbs-nbc-covered-climate-crisis-connection-hurricane-dorian-only-once

It’s a feature not a bug.


If people knew the truth grocery stores would be selling a lot more adult diapers. Try and share the truth to prevent panic because what doesn’t end up in the diaper is surely to hit the fan.


As long as they are part of the Oligarchy they will protect the oligarchy.


They are part, and parcel, attached to the Oligarchy. Think Siamese twins attached. MIMIC it’s called, I understand.
They’re setting the USAins up to fatten on very small enchiladas; to the point they’re unable to move or resist, then with the help of the Deep State/Police -Security State, they’ll parachute in and steal the whole monolithic-sized enchilada. Vulture Capitalists love them some totally compliant prey. Yummy!


But, come December 24, they will be reporting NORAD’s tracking of SANTA*, no doubt.

*Situational Awareness Negation Training Authority


Just a couple of weeks ago on Stephanie millers show her producer, Chris LaHoy stated unequivocally that he had worked in media for almost thirty years and had never heard of an owner or editor killing stories or creating a hit list against potential enemies (commenting on WaPos never ending smear campaign against Bernie)
I guess Chris never heard of The NY Times killing stories on Vermont-yankee. Or CNN firing Phil Donahue. Or Fox News.
As long as Big Oil and big Pharma are the major advertisers in the MSM, the MSM will never post or report any stories critical of those businesses. It’s really that simple. What, you think Rupert Murdoch bought Fox News on a lark? Of course not. It was an investment. One that has proven to be quite profitable indeed.


[quote=“Ditton, post:3, topic:67632”]
If people knew the truth grocery stores would be selling a lot more adult diapers.
[/quote]The (inconvenient) truth to a great extent is already known. What will spur adult diaper sales is when we finally, “must” stop driving our gas guzzler.

I like the optimism of your time scale. Do you really think we have that much time? Guess I’ve been reading too much sc-fi.

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This is just one of the ongoing disgraces of the M$M. They do a great job of chasing ratings through the most pandering crap in their programming particularly the pursuit of drama (cops, lawyers, doctors) in shows, news coverage and weather reports. Notice how every time a hurricane threatens an area they put some talking head outside where the wind is howling and the rain is pouring down because that is the way that TV works, The person with a mike doesn’t contribute anything of substance but it sure is dramatic and keeps eyes glued for the many ads to follow.
These are the same networks that have turned the presidential election cycle into an endless 2 year long horse race with an endless army of over paid pundits who blab their opinions about the day’s hot topic. TV news has degenerated from real journalists and reporters to “stenographers to power” who think that an acceptable press conference is conducted on the White House Lawn with a helicopter’s engine running in the background. How far we have fallen and the corporate media has not only covered it but is a major part of it.


I think it was MSNBC that got rid of Donahue because, despite the fact that his ratings were going up, his criticisms of the Iraq invasion upset the powers that be.


donahue’s show was by far the highest rated show on the fledgling network. It was their only profitable show. And they canned it. So for anyone thinking media owners put profit above else, the donahue example is a great lesson to the limits of profit. It took years for MSNBC’s ratings to recover from that. And GE didn’t care. It could write the loss off. But the mothership needed those wars. That’s GEs proverbial bread and butter.


Poor Phil was the only cable news personality that spoke out against the pending invasion of Afghanistan.
I guess thats what happens when you go against the machine. Phil was not only fired, but disappeared permanently.

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The hot ocean fueled Dorian. Ocean temperatures of up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit put a load of moisture into the atmosphere.

Rapid intensification fueled Dorian. Rapid intensification is a relatively new phenomenon. In earlier times, most hurricanes couldn’t get up to category 5 because they didn’t have enough real estate.

Slower moving prevailing east-west winds fueled Dorian. Storms are now about 17% slower. Relatively innocuous swirls can stay over water longer.

Devastation equals wind speed times the length of time that the wind blows.Slower moving prevailing east-west winds allows hurricanes to slow or stop more often.

I’ll throw in two countervailing items: stronger winds will more often cause hurricane wind shear, which stops tiny swirls/storms/hurricanes from growing. Also, the drier the Sahara Desert gets, the more its dry air inhibits storm formation over the Atlantic far upwind from Florida. However, that’s not particularly comforting.

You might as well know something else that you’re never being told: practical R&D engineering of products will quickly crush the entire fossil fuel industry and we can’t have that. That’s why the Obama Department of Energy’s SBIR/STTR list covered nuclear fusion research and clean coal projects but solar thermal R&D was excluded from the project list.

You need to know:

  1. Just a little bit of solar thermal-related R&D would end worldwide fuel demand for heating and cooling buildings, and also for fossil fuel backup plants for when the sun isn’t shining.

  2. Your state could do this research, and then your state would get vast numbers of good jobs.

  3. A private philanthropy could do this work too.

  4. A relatively wealthy university could do this work and be known as a destination university for climate/solar engineering.

  5. The reason nobody at all on earth does the needed work is a quiet, massive and widespread monetary influence on absolutely everybody. Also the second mouse gets the cheese, but you don’t want to be known as a climate mouse.

I’m still under the impression that, if we had to go with fission powered electricity, that thorium would be a much safer, more available fuel. Even Kennedy talked about it in the early 60s.

All the major networks don’t ignore the climate emergency, they very actively, very deliberately distract, divert, and run interference for, the climate emergency. The politicians above and below the aisle, and on every conceivable side of it, desperately do all in their power to disavow the need, or even the very fact of the very reality of the impending destruction of our planet. The people, and i’m being nice here in using such a generous term, (Cattle is more appropriate), they follow both the highly corrupted leaders, and this media / propaganda infrastructure, more religiously than they do the very god which they wholly and desperately believe in. Its almost regrettable that we still have a little, very little, time left.


Thankfully broadcast news is going away. More people are turning to online alternative media.

The world is becoming a radioactive waste dump. Nuclear waste lasts forever, increasing cancer rates and other grave illnesses to humans and other living things.

Why more nukes when we already have the largest fission reactor in the sun, for free?


I am no fan of the nuclear energy fanatics and their foolish faith in greed based corporate claims of safety, but in the case of thorium reactors, there is in fact a real argument to use them. Here are some points of interest. They cannot melt down the way conventional reactors do. They do not produce high level nuclear waste, their low level waste only needing 200 years to be rendered safe. They can use high level waste as fuel and render it as low level waste, unsafe for only 200 years - versus the hundreds of thousands of years it otherwise must be stored. Thorium Reactors are not employed because they only work on a small scale and require multiple reactors to produce the same amount of energy as the conventional reactors, and so they are less profitable. They may be the only practical solution to the high level waste storage problem. They are old and proven technology.

Adding to that point, and in the way of qualifying the remark, there isn’t now, and has not been, any movement toward using thorium reactors, and without them I am fully aware of the unimaginably extreme danger of all other types of reactors. In those cases I am vehemently opposed to all nuclear energy propositions that do not exclusively propose the thorium reactor.

My thought is we should use them only as a way to manage existing nuclear waste, then when that runs out, decommission them.

The sun is a fusion reactor