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New Report Accuses Facebook and Google of Unprecedented 'Architecture of Surveillance' That Threatens Human Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/22/new-report-accuses-facebook-and-google-unprecedented-architecture-surveillance

Along with Militarizing local police and the Surveillance state, this, is apparently just part of the upcoming civil war
Will America’s Billionaires Start a Second Civil War?

Thom Hartmann /

I suspect CD will pick this one up soon


And the worse part is that these giant companies didn’t have to build an expensive complicated network to spy on all Americans. They quite literally created a few web sites and had us spy on ourselves.
And we still do it gleefully to this day.


We choose not to regulate corporations.


“Privacy is dead, and we have killed it.”–Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page.


This was a given right out of the gate. And, like the fable of the Monkey’s Paw, we’re globally stuck.
Case in point…I had a nasty fall last week, with a head injury, couple of broken bones, and lots of blood. It was in a crowded store. I’m elderly and disabled. No one knew what to do. I think they were waiting for their devices to tell them. Luckily, someone called 911 and got the pros there. But I was in the Golden Hour with minutes ticking away if I did have a brain bleed.
Won’t be long before we’re real characters in the movie Idiocracy…


There is no significant crisis, problem, or issue, on Earth which cannot be traced to business and religion.


And even farther back to over-population.


It is strange that the people at the top of these corporations and who actually have use of all this power, are only mentioned peripherally and from then on the issue is that Facebook does this not that it is Zuckerberg and his corporate employees who do this. Google does this and Amazon does that. The power of a few human beings is not made the issue. Instead the issue is referred to as these corporations doing it. The corporate officers and board members personally involved in destroying privacy ironically have their privacy protected and their anonymity preserved. Zuckerberg or Bezos are simply too insanely wealthy to not have real privacy. Do you expect to bump into them on the bus or in a fast food place? They are already beyond normal everyday life as were the courts of kings in which only nobles were allowed.

The corporate elites have a rarified upper class that might be called the mega elite class. The billionaire class and the multimillionaire noble class that are the corporate version of courtiers. These are the people who rob us of our privacy and not just the faceless lower level employees who do the actual work. We all need to give a human face to this accumulation of power. It may be collected by computers physically but it is actual people who use those computers to take our privacy from us.


Over-population is traced to business and religion. The most effective means of population control is significant social and economic gains - both aggressively and very deliberately prevented by organized business, and nobody need mention the aggressive acts against birth control, and abortion taken by organized religion. Population growth beyond several million worldwide is only possible because of industrialized agriculture, and transportation - both the brainchild of organized business.


Interesting read, thanks.

Lately I’ve been pondering the workings of the former East German STASI and their similarity to the former neocon ring leader Dick Cheney.


Hmm. Nevertheless, there’s a Facebook login at the bottom right of this page.
In a strange way, that’s the real power of Facebook. This corporation, devoted to making as much money as possible for assholes like Zuckerborg, by any and all means possible, is still perceived as a necessity.

They’re in the business of creating dependency. On them. The only way to stop them is to ignore and avoid them. Expecting the government to do something about their business practices is a futile exercise. They partner (odious corporatespeak) with the government in that surveillance of us.

Using their service willingly makes one a commodity and trivializes one’s citizenship. If they are truly perceived as dangerous, then one is obligated to deny them the one thing on which they thrive: participation.


I wasn’t aware we had any rights left. Mmmm


I would add male chauvinism, Adam - and that preceeds both and may have been a strong component behind the drive for religion as a way to offload the control so as to make the control indirect and less obvious.



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Hello sekhmetsdaughter,
It could even become worse as everyone that could have helped including those working in that store could be entrapped in “waiting for Godot” as they fail to do anything to assist you. As an alternative each person could decide that someone else would take the appropriate action or any action at all!

Hello wingsofadove,
I agree with most of what Sacha Baron Cohen said in his speech to the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) I have a few parts that I disagree with. “But social media companies are largely protected from liability for the content their users post – no matter how indecent it is – by Section 230 of, get ready for it, the Communications Decency Act.” Absurd! This is what fascist and wanna be fascists governments do. Name laws the opposite of what they are! We have many of them on the books now and I expect a larger number of them in the future. As to voting we have a system that is totally anti-democratic. The machines are faith based as no one is allowed to understand what happens during election time except for a very few that can only do so if properly gagged so they can’t say anything. As the right wingers are so proud of saying “if you have nothing to hide…”! Obviously that is confirmed by the total obfuscation around electronic voting machine. You gotta have faith! No proof required. My voting machine takes my ballot and swallows it without any chance for me to do a screen examination if the ballot has no errors even if I could have seen a mistake! Faith based voting at its finest! After the last voter has used the machine no one knows whether the vote was counted properly or skewed by the programming and the results distorted. As a backup my state votes are sent to another state and who knows just what is done there? Then it is sent back and the results are certified! WTF??? Similar things are found throughout the US. Then there is the pruning of the voters in which millions of voters are removed from the voting rolls. If they are “lucky” they get to use the provisional ballot which is similar to using the ballot as toilet paper as almost none of the provisional ballots ever get counted! The electronic voting machines are just another way to keep the voters in ignorance. One thing that comes to mind is the process of putting the ballots through for a second time. I have never heard about the results being repeated the second time matching the results of the first result. The influence of foreign governments lags way behind the voting frauds perpetuated in the US. When corporation become monstrously large they tend to become the powers behind the government and drive the country to benefit the corporation and not the citizens of the country! Sound familiar? The best thing that could happen to ginormous corporations is that they are both reduced in size, regulated to withing an inch of their existence and removed from any influence in government under penalty of an immediate government takeover with the executives, as well as board members, having to pay large fines and be removed from positions of power using the three strike rule. First time one year prohibition for them to secure new employment in the same field. Second time five years. Third time lifetime prohibition!

More broadly still one could simply say elitism. Elitism is behind all of these factors,- My god is the only true God; I am dominant and superior to you, I deserve and am worthy of privileges that others are not. Business and religion have institutionalized elitism, made it an integral part of accepted societal norms. Because of that institutionalization, long gone is the time when something is accepted on its merits, its value is instead assumed, based upon a predetermined hierarchy established by the institution. Individual merits, and even individual human value, is not present. Women are paid this as compared to men, no woman priests are permissible. God and the savior are men. A woman’s place is to serve her husband…etc, etc. While male chauvinism certainly played a role in the creation of religious and business institutionalization, those institutions exist to cement those notions into the civilization which accepts such institutions. Now we look at Facebook and Google as culprits, but really its the very notion of organized business and religion itself which has wrought global destruction and death to billions and ultimately both will in short order result in our species’ wholesale extinction.

Y’all are just haters…

I’m saving oodles of money on my car insurance with my “smart driving app”.
I’m saving gobs of cash on my health insurance with my “smart watch app”.
I can watch the UPS guy deliver my packages on my “smart doorbell app”.
I can see how much yogurt I have left with my “smart fridge app.”
I can watch my kitten playing on my “Smart cat toy app”.
I can pour out .08 oz of tepid water on my new voice command faucet.
I can flush my smart toilet via voice command, too…

I can…I can…