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New Report Accuses Trump of 'Intentional Disregard' and Attack on Democracy Throughout Failed Covid-19 Response

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/05/new-report-accuses-trump-intentional-disregard-and-attack-democracy-throughout

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The report alleges that Trump “continues to spread lies” and rebukes the president for threatening to withhold federal assistance to states that implement robust vote-by-mail strategies. "

If Trump loses to Biden in November, I can hear it now: " what I told you would happen with fraudulent mail in voting several months ago… has now happened!"


By pointing at a person, three fingers are pointing back at you. The entire system is culpable, not just Trump. And both parties, not just the GOP. We have tools in the Constitution, flawed though it is, meant to prevent lawlessness. However, they were put aside in favor of money. Lots and lots of money from private sources. We The People are not off the hook, either. We’re not a comity and certainly not a polity, unless you’re a member of the Elite.
We tried. Goddam, but we tried, back in the day. Civil Rights, Voter’s rights, Women’s rights, LGBT rights, Indigenous people’s rights, worker’s rights. And an end to not only an immoral war, but all war. For every two steps forward, we were pushed one step back by those in Power. One thing we missed, and it was a biggie. We kept within the dominator power system, not partnership. We tried to bring about massive change into the system that was bound to fail.
Our parents said we were too idealistic, the conservatives said we were commies, the religious right…well, they were the Moral Majority(neither, as it turns out). Reagan was bound to win in 1980 because he appealed to the old value system.
Now…we start again. Same issues, but, this time, we work from partnership. And not just here in the US of Abuse. Globally. My ears perked up when I listened to a resident of Beirut talking about the long-standing political corruption in Lebanon. He used this exact phrase “economic liberty” to describe the oligarchal reign. The people are considered as mere workers. Only those who have money are worthy. Right out of the Tea Party/Koctopus/Libertarian playbook. Democracy in Chains only described what happened to Chile when these folks took over; nothing about Lebanon. And certainly nothing about Ladakh, which they tried to change, but the people pushed back.
Resist. But resist in joined groups, in unity and unions. The folks who are dyed-in-the-wool GOP Trumpers, under it all, have more in common with us than we know. Like Eustis, the boy who became a dragon in Voyage of the Dawn Treader, after sleeping on a dragon’s hoard and absorbing the overwhelming greed attached to it, we need to gradually claw that dragon’s skin off, layer by layer, until humanity is revealed.


Also filed under “Intentional Disregard”:
DT ignores Presidential Daily Briefing(s) (PDB) that report Putin authorizing paying the Taliban $100K for every dead American soldier.
GWB ignores PDB(s) that report “Bin Laden determined to strike the U.S.”
And yet, over and over again, this mentality is given respect and eternal deference.


During the Andrew Jackson Presidency , the Supreme Court ruled that his actions in removing the First Nations peoples from the Eastern US and transporting them to “Indian Territory” was unconstitutional. He continued with that relocation and dared any entity to do anything about it.

The Supreme Court of the US has also ruled that a wide swathe of the lands in the Western US is in fact the property of the First Nations peoples , yet provided “remedies” that really changed nothing on the ground.

The Government of the United States of America has long acted in violation of its Constitution (treaty law in particular) and there a large number of instances where there no real penalty or consequences for doing so.Entities that are sworn to “defend the constitution” such as Police forces and the Military very often act against it as they are more loyal to a given leader or Political party or Corporate entity then they are to the rule of law.

This raises the question. If Trump acts against the law come election time, what is the remedy?


Excellent post.

I have not read or heard a good answer to that question that offers— at a minimum— some reassurance. Guess we would call this a predicament? Even if there were checks and balances that worked, he will continue to wreak havoc, be a threat to all life on earth for another 167 days. (and I know the dems are complicit)

That is a lot of time.

The u.s. needs help from ??? ----it is a threat to the world.

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Forcing an excuse for Martial Law is a Republican Wet Dream

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”
― Sun-Tzu,


As noted elsewhere, when brought to trial for his many crimes Tweetle-Dumb can legitimately plead ‘Not Guilty by reason of Insanity’.   Bill Barr and his other henchmen in the Executive Branch, and most of the 'Poop-Lickens in Congress, have no such excuse . . .

So, we have this disaster or a right wing corrupt Democrat with a horrible record, zero enthusiasm, with no vision, someone telling the rich that nothing will change, who is in clear cognative decline and someone not even bothering to actually campaign.

Okay, the monster that is Trump is beat. So, the conext that produced him? The policies. If the Republicans nominate Tucker Carlson or Tom Cotton, will they be the new Hitler? Will everyone have to accept another corrupt, train wreck, rigged unDemocratic Party primary because the alternative is worse? Cause we have been doing this for decades, look at the fucking shape of the country. At what point is this just unacceptable? Cause Biden has no solutions to anything, is right wing and corrupt. So, barring a miracle, things will continue to get worse. Look at the rotten things that party does to candidates on the left and for lobbyists and hacks like Barney Frank. This country is going to implode.

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It would seem obvious that if Trump acts against the law come election time which, as the article points out, certainly appears to be the case, then what should happen is that, according to the U.S. Constitution, he should be impeached for having caused the unnecessary deaths of over 155,000 Americans during a pandemic after waiting months before he finally decided to do something which, realistically, has not amounted to all that much. Now one would logically think that impeaching a mass murderer is the least that the Democrats should do. But when it comes to logic and reason the feckless Democrats are nowhere to be found.


Although I have enjoyed the read, it is meaningless at the end of the day. This accusation carries no weight, legally or otherwise. His crimes go far beyond this dribble including war crimes, treason, murder premeditated and otherwise, genocide, graft, theft, bribery,…Well, you get it and this is just a start, some sort of top ten or so. Oh, and don’t get me started on his fav girl, ivanka, and Ken Barbie Jared. He can’t be removed as the Dems have no idea how to make that happen,and the GOP is getting what they want and are terrified of him. He sure as hell won’t resign but he surely will burn the house down if he loses and is forced out of the Oval Office.screaming and ranting. Now there’s a photo op I can get behind.


Joan, it sure looks that way! If Trump cheats and wins, he will call the election legitimate; if Trump loses…he will call the election fraudulent.


Criminal negligent homicide at the very least. What the Grand Jury should especially be looking forward to is the prosecutor separating all of these lying scoundrels and have them testify one by one starting with the liar in chief. My biggest worry is if drumpf loses in November, kick the can down the road Joe pulling a turn the page Obama stunt. And while so many are focused on Biden’s VP pick, what will be most revealing in the way of truly beginning to fix this country will be his AG choice.


With today’s numbers for 8/4, USA’s outbreak has officially filled out exactly 28 weeks. Our first case, a little south of me in Santa Clara County, was logged on January 22.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    28 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   4.  02/18/2020          13          13
>   8.  03/17/2020       7,010       7,023
>  12.  04/14/2020     598,367     605,390
>  16.  05/12/2020     758,671   1,364,061
>  20.  06/09/2020     609,736   1,973,797
>  24.  07/07/2020   1,009,103   2,982,900
>  28.  08/04/2020   1,765,906   4,748,806

What I cannot stand anymore is the Democrats pretending that all the country’s problems began in January of 2017, that the democracy in this country was otherwise okay, that there aren’t MASSIVE internal problems in regards to democracy in that party, that what they have supported for decades and their corruption aren’t major reasons why society is breaking down. They beat Trump, then what? Well, then they have to govern, and they have nothing. They have nothing because they largely refuse to part with policies that are utterly disastrous and are ill-suited for the needs of society. And it cannot be stated that they are gradualists, because it is implied that things get gradually better and things have been getting gradually worse. All they can claim is that they aren’t Republicans. If that can solve the environmental crisis (maybe Mother Nature can be convinced by their very sensible, adult, moderate solutions and will call the crisis off, maybe these empty shells can offer her a gig at the CAP and she can work with Neera Tanden) or allow people to pay the bills, great. Otherwise, it is rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. These people are utterly deluded if they think they will escape hell when, not if, the shit hits the fan. There is nowhere for them to escape to. If things don’t radically change, they will regret rigging the election and doing what they did against Bernie. What he proposed was pretty damn moderate, given what we need to deal with the environmental crisis, and many other issues.


First this just an opinion piece by a blogger but I have little doubt regarding the point she makes , that being Gun sales are setting a new record each month.

I just thought this worthwhile so as to get an idea as to what going through the heads of a typical Trump supporter.

Gun sales going through the roof is seen as “good news”. The fact that gun sales go through the roof translates to “more support for trump then the media claims”. Gun sales going through the roof is because people believing in “law and order” or worried about peoples on the left who are lawless and anarchists.

The person writing this shows no concern whatsoever that the future she is envisioning and which is deemed good news , is one where Citizens of the USA are killing one another and those on the “right” who believe in the “2nd amendment” will be doing most of the killing with their targets being those “mobs on the left”.

The person claims it is the “leftists” fanning this discontent. The person suggests that people that are protesting are engaged in what are seen as un-american activities even as those buying guns are engaged in very American activities.


In essence “we have to kill all the leftists because they do not believe in law and order and do not like Trump. We need to buy more guns and the more guns we buy the better but it the people on the left fanning discontent”

Absurd and dangerous, just like Herr trump.

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Missing in this story is any suggestion of “why.” Surely there are many answers to that, and some seem obvious. But here’s one spelled out.

Trump is big on the “you don’t switch horses in midstream“ bromide. He tried to bait Iran into a war (and might still try). But if he can’t get the Pentagon to help him stir one up on foreign soil, he can still get Barr and the FBI to perpetuate a war at home. All he has left is the notion that he could be the “law and order president.“ The Portland gambit, “Operation Legend,” is about him making sure his horse will be midstream on election day.

Our job as citizens, and that of the media, is not to play into it. To recognize that Trump is stirring up trouble just so that he has to crack down on it. This is not #goodtrouble, but the other kind.



The presumption of the comments here, is that the Democrats would respond no differently than Trump has, to COVID-19. That all this Trumpster catastrophic decision-making is pre-ordained and
predestined somehow. He’s just an organization man? Sort of a " it’s the system ", defense?
Trump is a hell of lot more than your garden variety political animal. His is a special lunacy. The " crazy as a loon " tag doesn’t do him justice.
Hopefully, Common Cause can do us justice here.


Why the deference? Not earned.