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New Report Brings Clarity to U.S. Arms Manufacturing Role in Global Conflicts


New Report Brings Clarity to U.S. Arms Manufacturing Role in Global Conflicts

Valerie Vande Panne

Most Americans want peace—in the world, in their country, and in their own homes and communities.

Even the most committed Trump supporter might want peace in Latin America and the Middle East—if it means “illegal” refugees stop “pouring” in to the USA.

Yet, somehow, U.S. “commandos” were deployed to 149 countries in 2017 alone.


We all know the answer - GUARANTEED returns. No need to gamble on regular stocks when billions are shoveled to these main manufacturers every single year. Most are high-priced and slow movers; but all offer dividends. When you own millions in these stocks, the dividend payouts add up. And don’t forget this unearned income is taxed at 20%!

Most of us are also familiar with the numbers re stock ownership. The vast majority belong to the top 10%. Someday, if not already, there will be a tome written about this breathtaking theft of public money by the super rich. And I mean specifically defense stocks as a central component to sustained control of the pie by a relative handful of people.


Peaceful Coexistence requires commitment.

The transformation of the United States Arms Industry to the manufacturing of products that all Americans need like major appliances, electronics, automobiles, etc., would bring our country back from the edge of Hell, and give our people real hope for future generations.


Ever since Congress failed to renew the assault weapons ban early in the Dubya Regime the number of illegal weapons and ammo traveling south across the US/Mexican border has exceeded the number of immigrants traveling north. You can safely bet your last nickle that Trump’s border wall will not slow the southward flow of weapons and ammo, or the flow of immigrants.


Bernie Sanders supports the F-35 program because some are based in Vermont and many jobs are attached. Lockheed Martin is the primary contractor and Northrup Grumman is also involved.

The F-35 is the most expensive military program in human history. These weapons are based around the globe and regularly slaughter people, destroy economies and nations and befoul the environment (when they are not down because they are technical boondoggles). They also bring hundreds of billions of dollars to their manufacturers and related permanent war supply and service industries.

Given these facts, how can Sanders (and much of the U.S “progressive” left) claim to be socialists) - democratic or otherwise? They support the most fundamental violation of human rights and decency by commission (like Bernie) or omission, like so many who refuse to recognize U.S. militarism and imperialism at all?


Bernie’s tepid rebuke of empire is a major distinction between him and progressive movements outside the democratic party. Dismantling the war machine seems nearly impossible in the extended future and a prime driver in continued inequality and decay in the U.S.


Unfortunately this observation is exactly correct.


I would much rather see the manufacturing of products that serve sustainable and Earth-friendly energy as a top priority.


Eisenhower – our last basically decent President, IMHO – warned us of the danger of the Military - Industrial Complex nearly seventy years ago, when something might have been done.  Korporate control of “our” gov­ernment is now so thorough that it’s hard to even speak out against it, much less actually DO anything.


The US has both perverted and obstructed justice in numerous nations around the World so threats against the ICC are par for the course. However if the US actually carried out its threats, the UN together with all other First World nations and many others nations would come down hard on it. Hopefully all further treats would be nullified by a sold front against further American interference in worldwide justice!


This is part of the reason that I, and some of the other people involved with Peace Engineering initiatives, are encouraging engineers to reflect on the impact that such work has on promoting oppression, suffering, destruction, and death upon many, among many innocent men, women, and children in parts of the world where these weapons are used. This is why some of us encourage engineers to reject participation in work for the military/espionage industries. While it is not the only means by which imperialism and military crimes against humanity should be addressed, it is a means of promote greater civic action for peace and justice.

It should be noted that many in the engineering field, even some CommonDreams posters, disagree. Some very vehemently. From comments he has made in the past, my sense is that my CommonDreams engineering colleague who goes by the name - Trog, disagrees with efforts, such as outlined above, by people in the Peace Engineering community. It would be useful to understand his perspective as well.


Its all about jobs and money. Workers take the best job they can find and hang on to it regardless of misogynistic culture, unsafe working conditions, labor abuse, whatever. The real culprits are the ‘money lenders’ who demand a return on investment no matter anything else. Kind of like that old Green Beret motto: Kill them all now and let God sort it out latter; make as much money now and don’t cry over spilled blood. Let the bombs fly. IN GOD WE TRUST it says on the back of 666 - United States Dollar. Look in the mirror paleface. The US is the ‘beast’ and We The People are the ‘pale horse’ the ‘heads’ and ‘horns’ ride.