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New Report Details Big Oil's $500 Million Annual Climate Obstructionism


New Report Details Big Oil's $500 Million Annual Climate Obstructionism

Nika Knight, staff writer

The dark channels through which corporations influence legislation are notoriously hard to trace, but a new detailed report estimates that the world's largest fossil fuel companies are spending upwards of $500 million per year to obstruct climate laws.


“Qualifications” to be president should include negative aspects in ones record as well as positive. In Bernie Sanders case he has a record of service to the 99%, the average guy and gal, not the 1%!

In Hillary’s case her record is chock-full of service to corporations, banks, big-pharma, big-ag, for profit healthcare and insurance industry, and big oil!
Climate lobbying by big-oil includes campaign-contributions and other “donations”, more commonly known as bribes or payments for services rendered!


Referencing Naomi Klein’s Corporate Worldview article today on CD, here we see the corporate worldview, fully functional and pervasive, pumping 100s of millions into the machine which maintains corporate rights to undermine democracy with bankster funded petropolitics. Worldview is crucial. We are missing the real story of our time if we think the bandaid politics of right wing democrats are anything but fossil fuel and bankster enablers.


Climate change, the ocean is full of plastic, all of our proxy wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, who knows where else) one trillion spent on nuclear weapons by the United States and one American general already saying the smaller ones are usable in battle, Pakistani nuclear missiles pointed at India controlled by commanders with Indian attack Pakistan policy in case of a terrorism attack in India, the United States and NATO breaking agreements with the Russia and moving more troops toward Russia’s boarder while supporting a fascist regime in the Ukraine, China disputing territory with Japan and the Philippians, the United States moving more troupes and ships to Asia, and Japan declaring it can militarize again, the possible collapse of the dollar and lastly most of the worlds leaders are sociopaths. How long do you think this world has?


It is increasingly difficult to be optimistic about humanity’s near future.


If these idiots don’t believe in Science maybe it’s time that scientists stop making their gadgets for them. A technological strike.