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New Report Details Decades-Long Scope of Entrenched 'Border-Industrial Complex'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/16/new-report-details-decades-long-scope-entrenched-border-industrial-complex


Not just with this subject, but all negative issues facing the 99% today, it’s starting to look like there will never be justice for the us until corporations are deemed illegal and all are crushed.


Jeeze, it is just astonishing that privatization of government policies to corporate or crony players could possibly lead to greed-driven and abusive, cheap-as-can-possibly-be treatment of those interred into their “care”.

Yeah, right, whatever government of, by, and for, the profit of non-government players just cannot be evil, or just for the money and abuse by hired goons (ex-military or police, or just the depraved) paid to enforce the pathological and criminally abusive treatment of innocent people, kids, and families under the kind mercies of the trump regime and the super-scum steven miller!

This regime from hell and all who sail in it are due for life ion Gitmo or hard-labor breaking rocks on a fuckin chain gang of all such rotten scum!


Keep in mind folks, they aren’t necessarily building a wall to keep Hispanics out.
They are building it to keep Us in.


This is exactly why I am seeing capitalism as an aberration. Not only does the way we administer our economic system lead to the commodification of well … almost everything including human life and liberty it is the no. one driver of our current climate crisis.


Most here realize that Caligula is only a symptom and that the problems won’t go away when he’s gone.

As Seth Meyers said:
“Trump didn’t change the GOP, he turned them loose,” said the host of NBC’s “Late Night.”


If only they could do the same for the U.S. military.

I am glad to see someone else see’s that too. When Obama admin was trying to get a so called immigration bill through the congress; there were huge contracts with military industrial complex for drones and all sorts of surveillance. Not only billions of dollars spent but all of the surveillance was on this side of the border. Once they were allowed there…it would be everywhere.


Author sez:
“Just 14 companies are considered the power players in the industry: Accenture, Boeing, Elbit, Flir Systems, G4S, General Atomics, General Dynamics, IBM, L3 Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, PAE, Raytheon, and UNISYS.”

Hmm. So running for-profit detention centers for a few hundred mil doesn’t even rate you a “power player”? That’s it — I’m reassigning my investment portfolio!

Supporters of that so called “free market” and “capitalism” will always rail as to how welfare or social program spending a handout and just makes people lazy.

I suggest that if these Corporations were not receiving these taxpayer dollars , 80 percent of them would vanish and go out of business.

They are parasites.


Military bases are fenced in, but the damn things have gates. And the ones that have landing strips are easy to fly over. Yech.