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New Report Details How Americans Who Have Debt Held by Collection Agencies Can Get Thrown in Jail


This is simply more evidence of blatant systemic judicial corruption.


Legal representation can be had in dealing with debts and debt collectors, especially for seniors, thru an a non-profit agency called HELPS. They have a website, and most of their services are gratis and pro-bono. Visit www.helpishere.org


For help please see: www.helpsishere.org, especially for seniors who are in debt. It is a non-profit agency with legal services for the elderly and disabled.


Correction, the website for senior legal aid with debts, is www.helpsishere.org



Thanks very much. It really helps to be informed and I learned a some important information that every consumer should know. Great link.


Fascists and their brethren capitalists don’t care whether it is done legally or fairly - they only want money.


They do, especially when they lent it out in good faith.


Yea, the banking sub-prime mortgage scandals of 2008 showed what good faith they have.


Exactly right, this is a much bigger picture than those that default on a loan. Millions of people lost their homes by fraudulent bank practices. And, BofA had billions in fraudulent fees. This isn’t just people that can’t pay their bills.


Things like the constitution are an inconvenience for the Jim Schmidts of the world.