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New Report Details How G20 Nations Spend $77 Billion a Year to Destroy Climate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/27/new-report-details-how-g20-nations-spend-77-billion-year-destroy-climate


And these are the so-called civilized nations. Human evolution has become nothing more than an ever increasing disconnect from nature. And it will lead to the reality of extinction. Personally I don’t care any longer about humans surviving, but my heart breaks daily at the thought of all the flora and fauna that will die off as well. One of my new epitaphs for humans is: They Moved Out and Trashed the Place.


When David Carson was posting he frequently included this video which epitomizes homo sapiens’ disregard for the planet. In his absence i now re-post:


Yes, my partner and I have watched this video a few times now. Steve Cutts nailed what humans are with his simple animation. I most likely first came across it from one of David’s posts. Thanks for reminding me.


I like your epitaph. Mine would say “Humanity; a failed experiment.” We have created so many beautiful things over the centuries…art, music, literature, etc. But in the end we have become the Great Destroyers of the natural world. The killing off of nature’s beauty and diversity crushes my soul.

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What happened to David Carson?

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Our Canadian contributor to common dreams has written that Alberta has poured billions of tax dollars into the tar sands oil productions. There was a change of ownerships within the past year.
She has written that the initial governement investment was to have created an vast wealth for the province and nation. This has not happened.

Here in Chicago region, British Petroleum refinery in Whiting, Indiana enjoys ultra low oil price for diesel and aircraft fuel processed from this crude. Yet, BP is strained financially.

No-one knows. He just disappeared one day. I believe Giovanna tried to find out but was not successful in her endeavours. David is sorely missed.

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Yes, I miss his comments too : (

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The fanatical capitalists need to be caged like dangerous animals to the last one. They are dangerous,and care not for the billions of victims they create - the scum of the earth!

The news stories that I never see:

  1. G20 nations are pointedly not funding the R&D that would solve the problems of heating and cooling buildings, nighttime electricity generation and transportation. These people are going to rot on some very warm planet. So are the reporters who didn’t cover the story. So are all of the university boards, and I mean all of them, that decided not to do research on purely monetary grounds. So are the boards of directors on philanthropies, and I can’t think of one exception on this planet. So are the boards of directors in apparently all of the supposedly good actor corporations. Nature bats last. If it’s death that you demand, well, there ya go…

  2. There are no stories about preventing the Arctic meltdown, with the understanding that the Arctic meltdown is now on schedule to radically lower the earth’s human population by mass starvation.

A commitment not worth the recycled paper it was printed on

“other G20 nations remain committed to the agreement, which aims to keep global temperature rise well below 2°C and further limit it to 1.5°C by 2100.”

Jessica Corbett,
No, they don’t, and no, it doesn’t. Please stop helping right wing governments cover up their lies. The Paris agreement has no intention and no possibility of stopping warming at either 1.5 or 2°C. It will likely lead to at least 3° of warming even if everyone follows their promises, and they’re not. The agreement was a multi-layered scam. We have to get serious and eliminate fossil fuels globally in 10 years or less or we risk not being able to at all.