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New Report Details How Giants Like Coca-Cola Are Trashing the Planet With Plastics While Pushing 'False Solutions'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/23/new-report-details-how-giants-coca-cola-are-trashing-planet-plastics-while-pushing

Why do people even drink this poison?


Go to any store and try to find something on the shelf not wrapped in plastic. It was not always this way. Plastics as packaging is relatively new yet the negative impact of its use on the environment over the short period of time it has been in use is huge. This not limited to bottled water but to everything from can openers to a container of screws. As soon as these items taken home the plastic is tron off an thrown into the garbage .

It just another externalized cost that most economies of the world built upon.


I know from experience that the relentless advance of the fossil fuel industry (inevitably tied to plastics) stacks the deck in its favor at all times. Not content with being the richest industry in the history of money, it is determined to have its way, no matter what the health, environmental and social costs - just like Trump.

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It’s health-destroying flavored SUGAR WATER, People!
Oh…and the plastic container is petroleum based!


How is it that our Democratic legislators are so indifferent – or so without talent –
that they can’t make PLASTIC a dirty word?


With all due respect, drink what you want but the issue is the plastic packaging.

Personally, a little occasional Coca-cola to mix with my bourbon is staying on the menu.
And both the Coke and the bourbon come in glass bottles.

Have never bought bottled water and never will.
Installed reverse osmosis in my home–zero parts per million water.
Also never buy any processed drinks, especially poison junk drinks like Coca-Cola.
If they still had coca in them, I might reconsider.
Boycott all earth-killing, health-threatening corporations and products!

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Just an unsolicited health caveat, ST. Indeed…drink what you want.

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Thanks. I’ll take up your suggestion and have a bourbon.

To keep it healthy, I’ll drink it neat.


Ha! Ha! Enjoy!

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Bunch of lazybones… the world is a pretty clean place if 70k people found only 476k pieces of plastic waste. That’s only 7 pieces each in a day. I walk thru some downtown areas and can find more than that in litter only while I walk my dog for 30 minutes.

This is obviously a matter of production cost. It’s cheaper to make plastic containers than glass bottles and paper cartons. And of course cost, as always, out matches concern over environment.

Wasn’t it a better world when all we had to do was hug trees?

We could have outlets that store liquids in huge stainless steel vats, and like with drinking water you bring your empty container for a full one. No waste, and little replacement needed.