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New Report Details How Tear Gas Used to 'Crush Peaceful Protests' Around the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/11/new-report-details-how-tear-gas-used-crush-peaceful-protests-around-world


Hey, we had a shortage of masks and now they are everywhere. Why can’t we do the same with some cheap gas masks? One for everyone.

We pay again. Since we already paid for the gas, gas masks, uniforms, guns, and rubber bullets being turned on us.
Time to defund alright.


" … the U.K. [took steps] this week to stop U.S. police from using tear gas to quell protests by suspending its exports…"

Tear gas is a noxious product if used as directed, just as cigarettes are a noxious product if used as directed. The use of tear gas against any crowd containing innocent people needs to be a criminally negligent act with redress in civil court.

The production and sale of such a dangerous product, with the knowledge of how it has already typically been illegally used and with the expectation that this illegal use shall continue, should make the manufacturers legally liable too.


Chemical attacks are chemical attacks, no matter what they’re called. Tear gas is the moral equivalent of mustard gas. Used on peaceful civilians, it’s a weapon of domination by those in power, using the police as they always have-to keep the people down.
The UN must declare the use of tear gas as a crime against humanity. Alas, I heard today the US once again thinks it’s above the law and the jurisdiction of any world court, calling it a “kangaroo court.” No, we have Gitmo and CIA Black Ops and other forms of our very own justice.


Tear gas also affects the spread of Covid19, and people with allergies and asthma can suffer terribly. There is no reason to tear gas crowds who are peaceably assembled in protest. Police Departments need a new motto, because “Protect and Serve,” seems only to apply to them. : (


Interesting point. Your comment has inspired me to wonder if tear gas manufacturers can be sued in their home countries for injuries caused by their products in foreign countries.

Hundreds of Chilean protestors suffered facial injuries, including loss of eyes, during popular uprisings between October, 2019 and February, 2020. Police officers were video-recorded aiming their tear gas canister guns directly at protesters’ faces.

I collected several empty tear gas canisters from the street after a street battle in Santiago in February. I took photos of the canisters and found an email address for the manufacturer. The manufacturer is a company called ALS. Here is their website: ^https://www.lesslethal.com/

I sent an email to ALS and informed them that their tear gas canisters were being deliberately misused, and were inflicting severe facial injuries to non-violent protesters in Chile. I told them that, in light of their knowledge that this was happening, they had an obligation to stop selling their tear gas canisters to Chilean police. I never received a reply to my email.


The nearly 500 videos Amnesty International viewed during its research showed tear gas being misused by law enforcement officers in 22 countries and territories.We are all being crushed by this police violence –

"In too many countries tear gas is used to deny protesters their universal right to peaceful assembly," tweeted Simon Adams, executive director of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.

"The use of tear gas and other crowd control weapons against protesters as they flee up a highway embankment or people peacefully demonstrating on the doorstep of the White House, demonstrates that something has gone seriously wrong with how law enforcement agencies across the country are policing peaceful protests," said Justin Mazzola, deputy director of research at Amnesty International USA. "Law enforcement is violating people’s human rights daily out on the streets… They should be used only in exceptional circumstances, when no other measures could suffice and should never be a measure of first resort."

Around the world, victims of tear gassing in the past year have included journalists, medical workers, refugees, and human rights defenders.

This is why the revolution against Elite/Patriarchy hasn’t happened –

ALL ARE EQUAL was a great idea advertised in the Declaration of Independence,
but in a “bait and switch” what we actually got was White Male Supremacy with only
white males of property allowed to vote.

Where did they get the property – ?
Our Founders endowed them with land grants, gave them immense influence and control
over our “people’s” government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

And they still have that control -

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all this reveals the basic lies of our society–the fantasies of our magical thinking about the rightness of our country-and the real depth of the deprivation spawned by the rulers of our society-the politicians who have been gas lighting us for decades–the businesses that have exploited their workers and their customers–along with not paying their fair–or any --share of the cost of government–so in a very real way have ripped off every member our whole society with their theft—sanctioned by the politicians they bought with “campaign donations”-this is how dictatorships come to pass–protecting the property of the rich with overwhelming force

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All the “less-lethal” control systems can be lethal if those employing them want them to be - take high-velocity tear-gas canisters that have killed Palestinians and International Protesters.. The Israeli training of US police departments and agencies are about security based on “terrorism”, not peaceful protesters whether American or Palestinian, but that distinction makes little difference in real life!

From the attached article/history - " instead of promoting effective security for communities, the programme facilitates an exchange of tactics used in police violence and control including mass surveillance, racial profiling and the suppression of protests and dissent, according to the JVP and RAIA’s 2018 report titled Deadly Exchange, which details the extent of the cooperation."
" Following the killing of George Floyd as US riot police fired rubber-coated bullets, tear gas canisters, pepper spray and stun grenades at protesters, Palestinians shared tips on social media on how to best deal with the assaults." We are all Palestinian and/or Black/Latinx and poor in the eyes of violent cops and their Israeli trainers!

~https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2020/06/what-nonlethal-weapons-can-do-to-the-body-george-floyd/ - what "less-lethal means

~https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2019/10/iraq-gruesome-string-of-fatalities-as-new-tear-gas-grenades-pierce-protesters-skulls/ - very lethal use of “less-lethal” weapons

~https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/06/palestinians-deadly-police-tactics-200611004902866.html -We are all targets of police violence!

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I recall Democracy Now! some years ago reported that the Israeli military was aiming tear canisters at peoples’ faces, resulting in severe brain damage to a journalist (I think a British man), and the loss of an eye of a young American woman who was an artist, among others. I imagine the ruling class will protect the tear gas manufacturers until people make them stop.

Medical doctor and former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein tweeted last week:

" Yet another reason communities of color can’t breathe - the surging use of tear gas. That’s in addition to knees on the neck, Illegal choke holds, raging coronavirus, worst air quality + 400 years of abuse. #blacklivesmatter"


The tweet includes a link to an article detailing health effects of tear gas, which can be permanant. Also it leaves toxic residue which no one cleans up. Also it lands on animals, sometimes deliberately. So many reasons to ban it.

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