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New Report Details How Trump Tax Scam 'Delivered Big Benefits to the Rich and Corporations But Nearly None for Working Families'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/17/new-report-details-how-trump-tax-scam-delivered-big-benefits-rich-and-corporations

Take from the less fortunate and give to the more fortunate.


A tale as old as time itself.


With regard to the “Trump Tax Scam”, The writer forgot to mention the Reagan Tax scams of 81 and 86,
There was also the Bush tax scams of 2001 and 2003. (Note we were “at War” during 2003) so the war money was taken off the books. There was also the Obama tax extension scam for two years after which Obama made all the tax scams permanent. Please note in nearly all instances the Demorats had to give the republicans the votes to pass these bills. Tax cut scams do not belong to Trump and there was little resistance from Demorats as usual.

Bernie 2020


Experts are divided on whether the tax law was a good idea. But there is little disagreement on this point: Most people got a tax cut.

The Tax Policy Center estimates that 65% of people paid less under the law and just 6% paid more. (The rest saw little change to their taxes)

The Joint Committee on Taxation-Congress’s nonpartisan team of tax analysts- found that every income group would see a tax cut on average.
So did the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a left leaning think tank that was sharply critical of the law.

In fact they went even further, it found that every income group in every state would pay less on average under the law in 2019.

This too, should have been another Article of Impeachment.

The largest theft of the American People’s tax dollars done in the light of day.

Like I have said numerous times, every single damn Democrat, Representative and Senator should have put their bodies on the line to stop this from happening. Each and every one of them should have been willing to go to jail in order to stop this theft.

Cowards the lot.

That’s grossly obtuse. You can claim that everyone got a tax cut but that doesn’t mean shit if 90% of the savings goes to 1%.