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New Report Details the 15 House Democrats That Should Face Progressive Challengers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/24/new-report-details-15-house-democrats-should-face-progressive-challengers

All the democrats who have not signed on to co-sponsor National Improved Medicare for All and the Green New Deal should be primaried. There are no more excuses.


Pelosi should be at the top of the list.


Kurt Schrader for sure. Somebody please primary that a-hole.

If three of those conservadems are successfully primaried, I’ll fall off my chair.

In the last cycle – supposedly so great for liberals – only two d-party primaries were successful. And in one of them a liberal merely replaced a liberal.


True at the Federal level

…but there was some interesting movement in Democrat Party primaries at the state legislative level where 487 out of 2188 Democrat incumbents faced a primary challenger and 70 of them (14.4%) were defeated compared to 39 in 2016 and 46 in 2014.


Can you link me to that article? Thanks.

The headline says “the 15”. The subtitle says the list is “non-exhaustive”.
Which is it?

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here you go - Ballotpedia tracks this kind of thing each election. Their article on 2018 incumbent loses is at https://ballotpedia.org/Incumbents_defeated_in_2018's_state_legislative_elections

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Your spell-checker needs help — the correct spelling of her name is “P’Loser”.

Fifteen is the minimum number – the worst of the worst.  A more realistic number is probably between 50 and 100.  In any case, Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass (aka DWS) should be second, right below P’Loser at the very top of the list.


Glad to see Brad Schneider (IL-10) in the short list. He’s mine. (Blue Dog at best)
I skipped that section on the ballot. Right after I skipped the presidential section
When he was running (this time) I sent the local Dem office an email with my reasons why I would not vote for him including excerpts of his voting record from a previous time he had the seat, They took me off their mailing list, Haven’t gotten an email from them since! : - )

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Steny Hoyer has been corrupt to the core for 40 years.

It would be outstanding if he’d step down or get primaried, but the likelihood seems to be that, like most of these octogenarians, he’ll have to be either wheeled out droiling, on a gurney, or carried out in a coffin.

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I am sure there are a lot more then 15 Corporate Democrats that have stood in the way of a progressive agenda that should have given us Medicare For All many years ago.

Nevertheless it is a good start toward ridding the Congress of Representatives that Represent the interests of Corporate Donors that buy their votes through legal Bribes, instead of Representing the interest of their Constituents.

Primary the Bastards.

Agreed. My thinking is that trying to work for many more than 15 such races would stretch the resources of progressives too thin and likely result in a less effective campaign.

Note that the advantage of incumbency makes it so that solid challenges to incumbents in a primary are typically only successful about 1 out of 7 times. Right now we may be at a point in history where there is enough excitement around progressive candidates that we could move that fraction up to say 1 in 3. I would welcome those kind of numbers and feel that 5 more solid progressives, arising from those 15 races, being in Congress to join people like AOC and Ilhan Omar would be important (although I would hope that @SkepticTank doesn’t get hurt falling off of their chair).

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How can they leave Pelosi off the list? She is the enabler that allows and supports this to continue on.

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“And a grassroots primary campaign can put a scare into the Democratic incumbent to pay more attention to voters and less to big donors.”

Unlikely. As long as they keep winning with Big Money, they will continue to seek it.

That’s “his” chair if it matters.

"reader321: how can they leave Pelosi off the list? She is the enabler that allows and supports this to continue on."

Another out of touch octogenarian who refuses to retire- although that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll continue on as speaker. She’ll be 81-83 during the next congressional session.

What’s the Democrat Party?

“What’s the Democrat party?”

I guess you’ve never been invited. Members of the Democratic Party meet on Monday nights at Hoss’ Steak House for a get together. They mostly drink and play Monopoly - they do not go over to the salad bar because there are too many Greens there.