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New Report Details the Climate Case Against Drilling in the Arctic



The Arctic Oil Rush now underway by the two superpowers (USA and Russia) in particular is not motivated solely by economic factors but also by a less obvious urging behind the scenes. A new find of oil in the arctic would be a large source supply of oil. A big find = lots of oil.

The kind of large source supply needed to wage a large war. A WW2 sized war. Thousands of ships, tens of thousands of planes, tanks, trucks etc. big war!

War on a large scale needs oil on a large scale. If and when they discover large supplies of oil up in the arctic several things will happen.

1) The price of oil drops thus increasing demand as a direct result

2) A big war (superpower war) becomes more economically feasible.

If these happen then what follows is...

3) The planet becomes toast from the increased rate of global warming in relatively short order ( or the toast burns in case of war and becomes cinders in case one side or the other nukes us all in Mutually Assured Extinction).

Big wars need big oil.