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New Report Details TPP's 'Panoply of Threats' to Climate


New Report Details TPP's 'Panoply of Threats' to Climate

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a "polluter-friendly" deal that "poses a panoply of threats to our climate and environment," a new report from the Sierra Club finds.


All three Democratic presidential candidates oppose TPP. I hope this trade deal is brought up in the next debate and the negatives described by the Sierra Club are given more publicity. This seems like something that the public can stop by putting enough political pressure on the members of Congress.


Its clear this charade "free trade" deal is designed by and for those who profit at any cost - any cost to the environment, global warming, workers, and a sustainable future.Obama has little or no real understanding of the natural world as I've long believed, only a city-oriented politics first MO, and that ignorance in this case especially (many other aspects of environmental, habitat and animal protection have been pathetic during Obama's tenure - arguably the worst environmental Prez in recent memory).

"The TPP would further expand climate-disrupting emissions by eliminating tariffs on cash crops like oil palm, encouraging wider production in countries such as Malaysia, where oil palm expansion has played a leading role in destroying tropical forests that capture carbon. Increased oil palm production also would fuel an industry that is already rife with human rights and labor abuses." This small aspect of theTPP scam that encourages palm oil production is especially destructive.



Clinton's "opposition" to TPP is opportunistic and phony. But yes, call your senator and representative and put all possible pressure on. Congressional office sit-ins should be in the planning stages for the weeks leading up to February 4.


I think those Democrats who voted for fast track need to really hear from their constituents.


Yes yes yes. Thankful in my district Adam Smith voted no, but "my" senators Cantwell and Murray were key swing votes in favor. They will certainly hear from me again.