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New Report Details Why Postal Service—Which Must Be Protected—Shouldn't Be Run Like a Business

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/29/new-report-details-why-postal-service-which-must-be-protected-shouldnt-be-run


My Mailperson Bob is one of the most trustworthy guys I know. The day he retires will be a sad day for me. Love you Bob!


I’ve been meeting my postal delivery person at my mailbox on hot days and giving him/her cold drinks and encouragement.
Morale is low, and they all hate Trump and DeJoyless.
Do something nice for your mailperson today, and do something very nice by voting to get rid of Trump.


Why is Common Dreams hiding the very existence of the GATS? Articles like this one should mention this WTO trade agreement which is basically an agreement to privatize everything, to get governments out of the business of providing services with universal service guarantees.

Its responsible for a huge number of the failed policies of the last two and a half decades. If we didnt have it we could just fix so many problems, it caused the 2008 crash, they hid that, and now they want to expand it.

Politicians and blogs that hide these DIRTY deals are a big big problem.

Why cant I vote to get rid of TRUMP without voting for BIDEN who is likely to be WORSE because then we get TISA which will privatize even more than GATS. Using negative list.


Biden is sneakier than Trump. These trade deals are stealing democracy. And they lock in so that means no improvements forever because they can only make things worse, not better. (except for corporations) We lost the right to fix healthcare in 1995 you know. They are lying to us so we keep giving them our votes, Thats horrible but true.

People are faling for a really odious trick.

That’s the problem, there are no viable third-party candidates to vote for.
I personally would love to vote for Ralph Nader, but he became discouraged, after being blamed for W stealing the election from Gore in 2000.
In this presidential election, you only have Biden and Trump. If you don’t vote for Biden, it’s like a vote for Trump, especially in a swing state.
Biden isn’t so sneaky, but he does believe in globalism and trade deals.
Trump does too. And Trump and his wife Ivanka still have their products made in China, lol.
If I can find a Biden-whisperer, I’ll tell him that if Biden wants Zed’s vote, he has to be against GATS.
Perhaps Biden during the debate tonight will look straight into the camera and say, “Zed, I hear you. If you vote for me, I’ll end all trade deals.”


He wont, I can tell by the way his promised to expand medicare which almost nobody realizes, means destroy it.

How can that be? It turns out that the GATS is basically set up for the primary reason of locking in the staus quo for both corporations and rich people, At any cost. “Pre-established” safety nets that are also part of a country’s statutory system of social security however can stay exactly the same if nobody changes them. Its only then that they can be both subsidized and not forced to be slowly dismantled during which time they have to be minimally trade restrictive. That means limited in the way Obamacare is. In fact Obamacare which has never been what people wanted it to be is broken in many ways, and they are all because of this requirement. But to make a long story short, making the set of people eligible for medicare larger than the set of people eligible for social security if you read the first paragraph of the relevant document, which I would be happy to point you to in exchange for your suggestions on how to make this cleare, basically means that it becomes included by the GATS privatization rules and doomed. So it makes medicare something else, something that will likely be means tested or limited to people who are uninsurables, not those with pre-existing conditions (we’re also supposed to go back to the situation that existed in 1998, as far as financial service regulation) And then the people who the country pays for - it may be required to buy those services internationally, in other words, send smoe people overseas for care.

It will defijnitely be required to make people pay its full cost and not susbdized any but thse who would otherwise die, or be destitute. We are fighting other countries to force them to give up their public services… If you read up on TISA you’ll see that nagative list, and ratchet are big parts of it, that means government getting our of services, and letting the market take over.

I know this sounds crazy and its time cnsuming to show people all this stuff but its a fact. We’re being led into this really horrible trap by what amounts to a cult. I figured it out but other people do know, they are either academics and are trying to warn us without losing their jobs or they are insiders and want us to fall into this trap. or they are outside of the US and to them this deal is a deal to trade jobs, potentially millions of US jobs to them in exchange for markets and other concessions, we get cheap labor, but that could also put millions of US workers out of work, in fact that is the plan the only part that is disputed is when the rights vest.

Which by the way its pretty clear both parties must be colluding in. We need to be discussing this. Thats all I want, I think the country deserves a vote on something this important, not to be trapped into it by this shameless SCAM which is clearly obviously a scam to me.

If there was even a shred of evidence that told me that I would probably vote for him, but there isnt. In fact, Biden was responsible for laws that I knew were really wrong.

I hate to say it but we’ve been led into a trap by really evil people who are not the good guys they pretend to be, they are just really good liars.

What they are doing is called an extrinsic fraud, on the whole world. they are trying to cheat the whole world out of the hands of its people. I am not kidding. Extrinsic fraud- this is the biggest example of one ever and everything it claims to be, its the opposite.

This situation is an attempt to steal our country’s democracy and also literally the entire world’s future from its people and give that future to the rich. Its a con game and its using the cheapest lawyers tricks.

Only a cult would do something this insane and they are exactly that, a cult

Why do republicans hate a non profit government service like the USPS that gives great service at a cost private for profit businesses can’t come close to matching so much. Could it be because it totally blows apart their government is the problem king raygun ideology and argument, and casts a spotlight on the fact that it’s the republican party and conservatism/fascismo that’s the real problem. Republicans wish to turn our democracy, this government, into a game of monopoly where the objective and final goal is to run everyone else out of the game and in the end own the entire board.

And, oh, speaking of monopoly, what we witnessed last night was humpfty drumpfty throwing a tantrum playing his game of monopoly only because he’s landed on chance knowing (SDNY individual 1 unsealed indictment) he’s drawing the go straight to jail card, do not collect $200 should he lose the election, and he won’t be able to buy his way out cause he’s already mortgaged all his (golf) properties (to putin?), plus there’s that pay (NYS) Income Tax spot coming up.

Why do they do that? Because they and the Democrats are colluding in hiding a trade agreement that attempts to privatize literally everything forever.

To them its a forbidden ‘state owned enterprise’ and the devils spawn. God forbid that people get helped by the govt.


Sorry Common Dreams but…

As a UPS driver on a rural route I can say that one thing I hear often is how glad my customers are that the package came with me and not the Post Office, the fact is the USPS simply will not deliver to most rural addresses,

It goes beyond that, my own home is not in a “rural” area but USPS treats it like one. We have paved streets and driveways, streetlights and house numbers. But USPS will mark our packages “non deliverable available for pickup” before even going on the road. I at least get a note in our mail box, most of my customers says USPS just round trips package back to the shipper. Does USPS keep the shipping charges?

But you don’t even want to TRY to make the post office break even you want to pour even more taxpayer money into this broken system. Why do I have to work 10+ hour days providing service to my customers and then watch one dollar in every four of my gross pay go to the federal government so that they can make up the losses at my direct competitor who will not perform the service my company provides at a profit all while paying me great wages and benefits? Insane!