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New Report Documents Corporate Media's Widespread Failure to Cover Link Between Climate Crisis and Extreme Weather

New Report Documents Corporate Media's Widespread Failure to Cover Link Between Climate Crisis and Extreme Weather

Julia Conley, staff writer

Bolstering observations made by at least one media critic this week, Public Citizen showed in a new report on Friday that news reports largely ignore the link between the climate crisis and the extreme heat that is currently enveloping cities and regions all over the world.

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The media seems to focus on the effect of extreme weather on lives and property. Getting into the weeds about the role of climate change is not something they often do. Generally it is difficult for scientists to assess the role of climate change in any particular extreme weather event which is probably an important factor in limiting coverage. Also, perhaps close to half of Americans do not believe climate change is caused ,mainly by greenhouse gases from human sources so advertisers may shy away from stations that inject the politically controversial issue of climate change into their reports of extreme weather events. Stations probably fear that if climate change is mentioned a large segment of viewers will get angry and change the station to Fox News where viewers are pretty sure not to have to hear anything about climate change.

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Until we all, media included, begin talking about Pollution-Driven Global Warming and NOT Climate Change, and its link to the cost of living for tax-payers in America, nothing will change.

The deniers have successfully renamed the “issue” as the toothless, “Climate Change”, decoupling the effect of fossil fuel CO2 pollution on the heating of the planet.

Please stop calling it “Climate Change” and call it what it is: “Pollution-Driven Global Warming”.

Words determine whether people respond and take action or not.


True, but in my view, no accident as the Fourth Estate does not dare to step on the toes of the fossil, fuel industries.

There’s no corporate profit in reporting this truth. Something else they don’t report on:


Remember this Dick
Moonves head of CBS

he likes the ad money Trump and his competitors are bringing to the network.

“It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,” he said of the presidential race.

Moonves called the campaign for president a “circus” full of “bomb throwing,” and he hopes it continues.

“Most of the ads are not about issues. They’re sort of like the debates,” he said.

“Man, who would have expected the ride we’re all having right now? … The money’s rolling in and this is fun,” he said. (HR)

Now they are getting him on sexual harassment

We should be frying his ass on depraved indifference

This is our great Fourth Estate


Isn’t This The same link that exists between cancer and smoking? Between cancer and pollution? Between asthma and pollution? Between drug ads and drug addiction? {Opiates,
benzos etc.?}. Between war and war profits? Between prisons and innocent folks?

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What is destroying our climate, is a vast collective fear and awe of money and financial power. What the media does is work for it’s economic self interest. Yet, the media is a collective of people all duped into acting in the interest of that particular corporation. Like, the people doing the weather at the TV stations could say something, but might get fired or replaced if they don’t tow the company line and pretend there’s no climate problem. It’s all greedy self interest. Actually, most Americans do this. The tragedy is the only real thing any of us have control of is ourselves. We need to commit to not participate in this greed, and teach other people to do likewise, especially through example. I agree with what Edward Snowden said, which is, “In America, we rely to much upon our leaders to solve our problems.”
The only thing we can change is ourselves. We should still be keeping pressure on our leaders, but \also use our individual power to change things. We need to stop doing stupid things like buying SUVs and McMansions. We need to have conversations with people who still do those things, because, trust me, the media will never start that conversation for us. It’s really time we just turned the TV off and started interacting with actual people again, and share information this way. It’s time we stopped obsessing about money and material things.
Quantum physics showed through the double slit experiment that electrons are only waves of potentiality until an observer is present. Only when an observer is present do electrons and light act as particles- with no observer, they are only waves. What quantum theory suggests is that matter doesn’t exist until a conscious human being makes an observation. Look up “the double slit experiment.” If you’re lazy, there are PBS videos on youtube that explain all this.
In light of this, valuing material things and wealth is insanity, because a conscious human being has sway of what becomes material through the act of observation. Some theoretical physicists like Michio Kaku and Neil deGrasse-Tyson take it further and suggest reality is nothing but a simulation. What if that’s true? I love combining philosophy with physics! How important can an SUV be in the face of all this?


Perhaps because of the silence in the mainstream media, we are rather like frogs placed in the kettle, being slowly warmed, oblivious to it, until it’s too late.

Well lately they can call it “global warming”. They had to stop calling that at some point in the early 2000s as it wasn’t really panning out. So somebody came up with the brilliant term “climate change” that can be used to cover any natural phenomenon thus keeping the dollar spigot open.

They are prolly reluctant to change it back to global warming again as nobody really knows if the trend is going to continue.

This site today seems to have more than its share of nay sayers. I suspect money backed deception and therefore criminal intent.
The biggest news stories of the centuries and Main Street media can’t seem to find their voice. No way. Freedom of the press is presently nonexistent in this country.
A sixth extinction event is upon us. Probably occurring much faster than realized even a few years ago. There is basically universal consensus among scientists in the world that we have ongoing worsening global warming and we need to take our head out of the sand instead of bending over and kissing our asses goodbye. Education and remediation discussions should be the number one topic on all news channels. Our watchdogs and national leaders are silenced by a wholly corrupt greedy system.
We need to change our ways of producing energy immediately. A green energy Manhattan Project in nature, a man on the moon type project. Everyone on board. It should be treasonous not to be.
Scorching heat waves year after year. Burnings everywhere. Smoke filling the air. Melting polar ice. CO2 and methane filling the atmosphere. Massive storms and floodings. Deaths all around of our environment, animals, and beginning human. It sounds like text from the old version Bible.
Stop the killing wars for oil and gas. Stop the insanity. Put all this money and know how into creating alternative cleaner energy for everyone.
Wake up from our apathy. The news media blackout of these truths will go down as one of the most criminal coverups ever.
What frigging else is so important? Get the politics and religion out of this discussion. Forget the concept of eternal life in heaven. Save this Earth for ourselves, our children, the animals and plants.
Get real that reporters and news media can’t cover the Big Story. They don’t because of criminal control and corrupt money and well paid deniers of the truth.


Anyone paying the least little bit of attention should be able to see that the weather is not “normal”; temperature records broken every year, out of control wild-fires, storms (hurricanes, tornadoes, rain events, “1000 year” floods and drought) of unprecedented magnitude and frequency are now the norm, yet many are kept glued to the latest celebrity scandal.

Problem is, the media (Fourth Estate) have abdicated their critical role in any nation to fully and truthfully inform the public…that critical role has been bought-up, diverted and/or silenced to shield the perpetrators of the causes of many life-threatening - planet threatening events - profits above all else regardless the consequences and diverting public attention from the truth of the magnitude…a crime of such vast proportions it boggles the mind. An independent, free from coercion, media has been stolen and vanished, just when we need it most, and we all are paying the price!

The silence of the “news” media makes them complicit to the crimes, whether MMGW, chemical poisoning of the earth and its creatures; our air, water, food, homes, farmlands, rivers, bays and estuaries, and the entire marine environment. The extinctions of countless creatures (including humans) is caused by human activity; the same chemical poisons most untested, contaminated food, plastic smothering the earth, fossil-fuel exploitation/pollution, nuclear energy pollution and cancers, hidden military experiments, and on and on…


Indeed, “failure” implies a lack of intent, which is certainly not the case. They are intentionally obfuscating the issue, which is primarily what their job entails.
They are corporate owned and operated propagandists, not reporters.
Their employers are ultimately the very same people responsible for this catastrophe, and with it our impending extinction.


Your…explanation …clrarifies nothing…we all know these are the reasons they do not cover it. The point…is that it is their JOB…to EDUCATE the public … their business is. INFORMATION SHARING…

Well said!