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New Report 'Draws the Line' Between Religious Rights and Equality


New Report 'Draws the Line' Between Religious Rights and Equality

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Where does religious freedom end and discrimination begin?

In its new report, the International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations (INCLO) analyzes the intersections and divisions of both issues—a new frontier in civil liberties. With input from a coalition of its member organizations, including the ACLU, the report concludes with a series of recommendations to address those dynamics worldwide and find a common ground between individual rights and those in the courtroom.


My gut feeling is to say bugger religious rights, but that would not make me very popular, so I am prepared to concede that the right to worship as you see fit should be protected. But, please, go away and worship with those who think the way you do, or at home, or in a quiet corner of the airport if you must. Just do not involve me in your expressions of faith. And do not expect me to go along with your ideas.


While we're on it, let's not forget to say a firm 'NO' to all those Muslim countries at the UN trying to criminalize any criticism or mockery of religion, or at least of their own religion.


Correct and the Current pope has his eye on their declining income, coffers, youth compliance etc. to win that back he ha just foreshadowed the new doctrine he is about to create for his Church, Priests, Nuns, followers, which says part of ones freedom rights under God's law is that we are free to decide his preferred rules to apply or not within our own private lives. Meaning GBLT, Abortion, drugs 7 alcohol use etc are our freedom of choice not to follow church desired morals in the private life of ourselves, not force onto others or the church dogma believers.

So as I then say for such rights and freedoms in the national laws must follow the same doctrine. However "as you so so shal you reap" and then pay for, don't claim medicaid, legal aid, etc if we afflict ourselves so knowingly against Church optimum suggestions. Don't expect everybody's tx dollars be devoted in part to paying your remedies or sympathy pleas. "You do the crime, you pay the time" in this case labor time earnings for your own freedom of sex, drugs, rock-'n-roll outfalls.


You mean the same way the Israelis do?


The irony is so rich here I could eat it for dessert. Not only does Israel allow all KINDS of criticism of Judaism and any other faith (have you forgotten 'ask two Jews a question, get five answers'?) but they are VERY careful to avoid serious offense of other faiths. Seriously. Not to mention they are the ONLY country in the neighborhood (INCLUDING the PA) who allows anything of that kind AT ALL.
I better be careful not to laugh too hard lest I wet myself!


I know what you are saying and I admire you for trying to accommodate different points of view. Let me just mention what Richard Dawkins has to say in The God Delusion. He talks about the inordinate and often totally unjustified "respect" that is accorded to religious beliefs. He talks about an atheist who tried to file for conscientious objector status which was denied because he did not have a religion. But all it takes is to say that it is against my religion and you don't have to fight. I don't think that is right.