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New Report Exposes "Big Ag's Gag Agenda"


New Report Exposes "Big Ag's Gag Agenda"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new report puts a spotlight on so-called "ag-gag" laws, offering a clear look at how these efforts to criminalize whistleblowing "are part of a sweeping crackdown on dissent."


Yet again, a “new report” exposes old news. Real news is how people and organizations are building power to effectively fight this capitalist crap. Gagging is not an “abuse” but an integral part of our political economy (and to many progressive organizations).


Running scared…


To equate animal-rights activists, and journalists trying to show the Pubic the truth, as “terrorists” is an absurd tactic used to distract and divert. Away from the large metropolitan areas, Florida is just another Regressive Southern state.


Jeb then Scott as governors have hurt the state of Florida progress. I have witnessed the decline being a native 1950 model. Business rules and only profit matters. As an animal lover I have not eaten meat in decades.


“States must not be allowed to shield the disturbing reality of animal agriculture from public scrutiny” - The public must be truthfully and fully informed or all else is a lie.

The cruelty and inhumane “standards” tolerated within the animal food industry are an obscenity!
If you love animals, don’t eat them - protect them!


boycott abusive big ag and develop a toolbox of sustainable and fair trade. the only thing we can do is make the predatory/parasitic system irrelevant. it might take generations to reach the tipping point and generate a whole flock of black swans - but boy, what fight worth fighting.

Neo-liberalism built on denial, lies and the delusion that its way is the only way is an irresistible invitation to overhaul entire life styles. It sounds so trite - ‘life style’ - but the whammy it packs has got millions going umhmmmm…yuppers, I can get behind that!

Imagine the mental callisthenics and smile muscles effervescing each morning at sunrise!


Turn the tables, make it illegal for people to infiltrate, take pictures of, and gather information on progressive organizations. For example: make it illegal for prolifers to take pictures of Planned Parenthood facilities. Prolifers are terrorists and should be criminalized as such.


If WE didn’t eat these products these animals wouldn’t have to suffer.


It’s barbarism or veganism, to paraphrase Engels.


I for one have either cut back completely or partially on consumption of meats. When i entertain meat eaters i only purchase organically grown free range local meat. I hope organic labeling means the products are organic, but with the certification carried out by the feds one can never be too sure.


They are not at all “pro life” they bomb children to smithereens all over the planet. And look at the US, there is no care for poor children’s condition or their future. The US military uses the poor to fight corporate wars overseas that’s all.


We used to have a pretty good State, especially during the governorships of Askew, Graham, and Chiles. The last 19 years of Republican governorships have greatly damaged Florida.


I think it’s more about keeping women “in their place” than a love for children. As you so correctly point out, they don’t have a problem killing children in other parts of the world.


Pests would be a better word.


Mmmmmmmmm! Soy bacon!!! MMMMMMMMM!!! Yum.


The coyotes and you - - - out on the range


Wow …

Just how much imagination is required to understand the violence involved in animal-eating …???

Never heard that the violence in the slaughter houses seems to drive those involved in killing these
animals a good bit nuts quite often and the workers take it out on the animals increasing the torture?

Never heard a recording of animals screaming in these slaughter houses?

Never considered why these slaughter houses are kept out of sight of the public?

Never wondered how much “chicken” you’d eat every week if you had to wring the chicken’s neck
yourself and de-feather it? Make sure all the blood of these animals is drained out?


One very notable one was established after the Oprah “trial” as I recall in order to protect the
cattle industry.

YES — contrary to the song … the farmer and the cattleman should NOT be friends–!!

Sadly, we also indoctrinate children very early into this animal-eating insanity.

I think it’s really that we don’t want our children to present us with the “news” that …
“This is wrong.”


Dissent has a way of overcoming suppression. Marie Antoinette could give ALEC a lesson about that.


Mosson –

True … it was “pro-life” fanatics who allegedly took pictures at Planned Parenthood, but the
videos were altered and many still believe them.

Some of the photos were NOT from PPH but from other facilities.

PPH was doing only what GOP Congress had approved much earlier – that fetal tissue could
be used in medical tests – and if the woman consented the tissue could be stored and transported
and the facilities – some private for profit – could charge buyers for those expenses.
Those who looked at what PPH was charging say that it barely covered expenses.

Unspinning the Planned Parenthood Video

Others may also remember that O’Keefe pretty much spends his time turning out edited videos
trying to suggest wrongdoing by liberal organizations and abortion providers.
O’Keefe’s “pimp” video was also successful for a time.

Americans by huge majority support federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

And reproductive freedom.