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New Report Exposes "Big Ag's Gag Agenda"


time –


20% of our children in US are living in poverty …

while our government/CIA runs wars in the ME killing women, children, families.

These are all illegal wars of aggression running under the guise of “Regime Change.”

Anyone here see SNOWDEN?


All the more reason to call prolifers as terrorists.


Yes but you get the point I’m trying to make here don’t you.
Don’t get hung up on this and that about prolifers and miss the reason why I was using them as an example to turn the tables.


Great question, where is Snowden? Did Russia quietly turn him over to the CIA?


Mosson –

Actually, I think we’d be better off not “turning those tables” as liberal organizations
do eventually get the truth out.

On the other hand, we need whistleblowers investigating the vast crimes committed
by industry. I think it would be a poor trade off.


time –

Oops! … what I’m asking is did you see the MOVIE “Snowden”

Unfortunately, I never caught it at theaters near me so I am late in seeing it.

But highly recommend it to all – probably at your libraries. ::slight_smile:


The word “Troll” comes to mind when reading your comments.


Ahhh thanks,


It is not that often that I respond to what I read - - - but did this time.

so here comes more detail - - - - hope you don’t mind.

I was reminded of a video I saw on cbc TV about a month ago. In this video, shot by a person who got themselves hired to a team of employees working at what I think was a broiler chicken enterprise, chickens were being handled poorly to say the least.
I harkened back to my youth in rural Manitoba near Winnipeg.
MY dad and I would place chickens in crates the evening before we would slaughter and prepare up to 40 birds for sale to customers in the city.
Care of each bird was paramount and any impatience was not tolerated by Dad who was quite incapable by nature of animal abuse. Most of the birds were in the 7 pound range and a meat breed so not terribly ‘flighty’. Anyway, I have to say I was disgusted [because of my own first hand experience] with what I saw and believe such larger enterprises that may have to hire temporary labor for the few days [evenings] of the year when a surge of labor is needed should be encouraged to train employees. You tube is a great vehicle to do that. Proper handling of poultry is easy to illustrate and while some stress is inevitable, birds do not have to be grabbed by a limb and thrown around at all.
Another personal experience - - a farmer client when I worked for Manitoba Ag. was in the pregnant mare’s urine business. Activists were dead set against having this business because for a period of a pregnancy [can’t remember how many months out of the 11] mares were in box stalls and had bladders attached to their haunches in order to capture their urine. Without proper care of the harness, sores and discomfort could result.
Also, it was important to provide daily exercise.
Anyway, the activists were invited to engage with producers and to pay visits to farms unannounced.
A bit of a success story [in my opinion] because the chap who drew the assignment finally requested that the investigation be terminated. The industry was populated by horse lovers who just happened to see an economic opportunity from selling horse pee and treated their mares like gold. - - for the most part - - -
So - – those are but 2 examples of the need to be vigilant with animal agriculture.
The actual scale of an enterprise IS an ongoing concern because - - - - - - - we are a rapidly urbanizing society. It’s just not possible to employ a bunch of neighbours for such jobs as crating chickens. It IS possible to educate and regulate though.
My spidey senses sometimes go up though when I conclude [perhaps wrongly, perhaps not] that articles such as the one I read are a smoke screen for veganism or for an anti corporate agenda group.
Always appreciate a response to my comments, even when I am implied to be a troll - – but maybe that does sort of fit - - - - - -
Hope to hear back.
Dave Whitehead, a somewhat polite Canadian,
North Battleford, Saskatchewan
10 hour drive north from Billings Montana, looking out over Jackfish Lake in the midst of a prairie parkland grain harvest.


Thank you for sharing your stories, as well as your being polite. Many Canadians are generally more polite than we in the U.S., in my experience. I am not a vegan, but I respect their views, and feel that theirs may ultimately be a better way of living, for many reasons. I am not part of any “anti corporate agenda group” either, but I agree with them in many ways. Some corporations are undeniably harming life of all kinds on this planet. I am definitely opposed to their agenda. To say, as our laws do, that corporations have the same rights as people, is absurd. But since that is the reality (for now),
they should be expected to be held responsible for their actions, just like people!


Mosson –

Can’t really disagree with you as “pro-lifers” have bombed clinics and murdered
doctors at abortion clinics.

But our corrupted government has failed to protect the clinics and the doctors –
and women or these services from these violent “pro-lifers” … including the
request to prosecute them under RICO laws.

In fact our government seems more concerned with creating laws to shut down
clinics and overturn Roe vs Wade.


People who pack chickens up in crates overnight for shipment to slaughter houses cannot say
they are “incapable by nature of animal abuse.”


This was part of a family farm enterprise. The chickens, when slaughtered and prepared for sale, were a source of income.

BTW, the ‘slaughter house’ for those chickens was a room in our chicken barn, with my dad, uncle, mother and aunt all participating in the preparation.

We had many happy customers for our farm product.

Others have beliefs about animals that I do not share.

Thank you for your reply.

Dave Whitehead



So you’re saying if your family was “profiting” and “making money” from slaughtering chickens
then it must be OK?

Quite obviously you have beliefs about animals that others don’t share!


Night –

Are you evacuating?


Nope. I’m in North Florida. Probably a Cat. 1 when it gets up here early A.M. Monday. Had to drive from one end of N.Florida nearly to the other end Friday night, along I-10 (job related). The traffic density westbound was greater than I have ever seen. It appeared to be mainly folks evacuating South and Central Florida. It was literally barely crawling for a couple of hundred miles.

I’ll ride this one out. My area is not a flood zone. The only thing I’ll worry about is wind and trees.


Animal Agriculture is well known and has existed as long as there has been domestic Agriculture - after hunting and gathering waned. It will continue. I acknowledge that you have a different opinion.

However, No need for me to reply in a self righteous sense .

A fellow with whom I shared different opinions over several rounds of email last year, said it best - - “We all have to look at information and eventually choose a side.

I’ve done that, you’ve done that.

I wish you well.


night – from NJ …

2 am report here - Irma Cat1 right now but still winds 85mph and gusts 120.and

moving NNW at 15 mph – 21 miles NE of Tampa.

Would be really nice if it continued to lose power and everyone rides out safely.




Yes, but I’ve chosen a side which doesn’t do harm to the planet or violence to animals.

Many euphemisms, but it begins in the lab we call “The Garden of Eden” where we were
created in the images of those doing the DNA work.

I wish us all well.