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New Report Exposes Pentagon's Massive Contributions to Climate Crisis Post-9/11

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/12/new-report-exposes-pentagons-massive-contributions-climate-crisis-post-911


Progressive scientists and engineers with Science for the People and Engineers, Social Justice, and Peace have raised awareness of military’s contribution to climate change and their crimes against humanity. However, mainstream and grassroots organizations of scientists and engineers, including March-for-Science, have rejected any critique of the US military.


It’s been said so often, it’s become a cliché: we fight wars for oil so we’ll have oil to fight wars—the ultimate vicious circle.


This the VA page for vets subjected to toxic poisoning and PTSD etc.

This is one law office page with specific base citings for vets to file suit for toxic exposure.

As of 1992 Bases known to be contaminated

YOU CANNOT EVEN ACCESS THIS PAGE TODAY maybe we can document why?

It has been relegated to the Archive and the listing is voluminous

“Nothing in CERCLA, RCRA or in EPA’s Military Munitions Rule bars a State from exercising its own solid and hazardous waste authority over waste military munitions, including MEC/MC, regardless of whether they have adopted the Military Munitions Rule as part of their authorized RCRA program.”

U.S. Military Leaves Toxic Trail Overseas

To cite greenhouse gas contributions is indeed admirable, but the full story MUST be told along with it.

At what point do human beings cease to acknowledge the consequences of their life having been hijacked by the mentally ill? At what point do we grow a spine and renew the legitimacy of the human soul?


It has been known for decades that the military in every aspect of its operations is an environmental threat, not only to the relatively small local areas they pollute and poison, but the obscene waste of all resources from trillions in funding that enriches the arms industry sector to burning fossil-fuels as if there was no tomorrow! Well, it is today “tomorrow” and the threats exacerbated by the Military Industrial Congressional Complex is the symbol of the current extinction process humans and their corrupt vulture capitalist “system” of greed, ignorance and self-interest beyond all bounds is, and will be widely recognized, as one of the three legs of a very unstable stool of stupidity, greed, and corruption.

I wrote and posted this comment several days ago that speaks to this very issue.

The current existential threat of climate change - MMGW - and the worst offender - the military-Pentagon - is a relatively new aspect to the threat of endless war and subversion of civilian priorities by that hideous destructive polluting sector!


Good source material on a serious seldom reported issue. But Fascist in chief Bone spurs had this to say: "Speaking at a Monday conference for U.S. military veterans in Virginia, Donald Trump suggested those who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder when they return from war are not as “strong” as those who are able to “handle it.” From the DailyKos.

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We need to stop celebrating the Military. We need to end the Cult of Military


I think I’ve put my finger on the real problem: the Wehrmacht is using too much gasoline.

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In war the second casualty is sustainability. Every bombed-through city will be reconstructed somewhere else, because people need places to live. The military threw the previous investment in energy-efficient buildings away.

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But in my view, even more important than oil is the petro-dollar which has backed U.S. currency ever since Nixon eliminated the Gold Standard. Look what has happened to Iraq, Libya, and now Venezuela. Saddam wanted to eliminate it; Khaddafi wanted to eliminate it with Gold Dinars; and Maduro wanted to change it also. And why do you think Iran is on the radar screen?

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Ridding the world of ALL military’s has to happen to save Earth and her children. Without that humankind is doomed as a species. Starting there mankind may have a chance. If not…well…


Hi theoldgoat and WOW!

America and its war pollution has become -----all by itself ----its very own WAR blowback! Sadly it’s not only killing us-----but the entire planet!

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Even more important than oil or petrodollars is blocking evolution accelerating at an accelerating rate. Discovery of an advanced form of democracy able to focus distributed intelligence resides with us in our hearts today.


Search Sarah Flounders’ “Climate Elephant”. It talks about the Pentagon as the world’s largest consumer of petroleum, and the world’s worst polluter, and how that has been kept secret.
" …since the Kyoto Accords…in 1998,
in an effort to gain U.S.compliance, all U.S. military operations worldwide and within the U.S. have been exempt from measurement and from agreements on reduction. The U.S. Congress passed an explicit provision guaranteeing U.S. military exemptions. (Interpress Service, May 20, 1998)
The answer:
Search Einstein’s 8 page “Why Socialism”. Not hard reading!