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New Report Exposes the Polluters Making Millions Drilling Public Lands



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I'm frankly amazed that this is "News". The companies and individuals that do this are taking advantage of an 1872 mining act by congress, and they have been doing it for 143 years. In the west, owning the property and owning the mineral rights to what is under the property, are two different things. If you own the mineral rights you are supposed to have "access" to those minerals....so that means drilling and digging. Rates are charged for those mineral rights on a lease that reflects , pretty closely, what those lease rights cost in 1872. Congressmen and women from those areas use that boondoggle to reward friends. It was going on full blast out in Colorado when I was a kid in the 60's....No study needed to be done, they could have simply called a rancher and they would have told them all they needed to know.. :smile:


It will never happen because these polluters and looters have bought and paid the GOP lawmakers along with some democrats to keep this very thing from happening...They will claim some national security thing or lie...and that they need to drill and mine all to save the world from Islamic rule...or some kind of crazy story...That the liberals are taking over the country....What ever comes out of the mouths of GOP lawmakers will be a big big lie the best lies money can buy.