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New Report Finds Economic Benefits of Protecting 30% of Planet's Land and Ocean Outweigh the Costs 5-to-1

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/08/new-report-finds-economic-benefits-protecting-30-planets-land-and-ocean-outweigh


“Nature, to be commanded, must first be obeyed.”
–Francis Bacon

If we stuck to this axiom more often we would be in much better shape as a species as would the Planet. So many of our spectacular failures are rooted in our denial of its wisdom.


E.O Wilson says fifty percent - 50%.

Set aside half the Earth for nature.


There may be no nature by 2030. Just people living underground and popping their heads out at night in order to avoid the heat.

This is still dominator thinking. Percentages. Costs. Benefits. Bullshit.
Gaia will still go on in some form long after the last human chokes on poisonous air. She improvises and experiments. Hominids used to think they were part of the whole, not rulers over it.
First step, and it’s a big one, is to accept Covid as a large “SLOW-Repairs being Made”. See how quickly animals and plants are returning to areas humans have been forced to leave alone. Let’s sit back and wonder why we have to be so fucking busy all the time. Why as soon as one project is done, we tear it down and start another. In Europe, there are buildings hundreds of years old still inhabited. Here, a developer looks at a subdivision with greed, ready to expand or tear-down and rebuild. Meanwhile, large areas of urban America are left to fester and rot, when they could be re-habbed and used as housing for the homeless.
I’m up against a major project right in my own back yard. One involving Big Money, The Old Boy GOP network, and the reddest of red way of life. Yet there are dark big box stores and a mall in rigor mortis that can be re-habbed for apartments, leaving this open, wild area free.


The ruling class is not interested in “economic benefits” unless they are benefits for them and no one else. The ruling class is interested in permanent monopoly of wealth and power, permanent enslavement of Earth and humanity. Destruction of Earth’s biosphere is beneficial to the ruling class, because it undermines the humanity’s ability to resist. The ruling class wants environmental destruction. It wants poisoned air, contaminated water, cancerous food. These things cripple the People while the ruling class lives safely in its gated communities. Environmental destruction is not a byproduct of capitalism. It is one of its goals.

Hi thylacine:

BUT, the wealthy may hide in gated spaces and depend on aII sorts of people, in fact an army of them to do the bidding of the super rich. Maybe the super rich are forgetting that while they have weaIth , aII sorts of peopIe are necessary to provide household, design heIp, PUS Iandscaping and upkeep for aII that they own and the many houses that they keep. PIus Iawyers, accountants etc., as workers of aII IeveIs are coming in and out of their houses and Iands constantIy. Perhaps in the future, when economies die more quickIy and more often—rich may possibly become an obscene idea when the Earth is faiIing everyone with a Iack of food and water. : (

I want to see a national engineering board with regular meetings. We could use a climate crisis version of Dr. Fauci, someone with training as an engineer, who has worked on the front lines and who can’t abide political lying when lives are at stake. I want the following focus for the engineering board:

  1. With covid-19 as well as with the climate emergency, all of our best potential tools and our obstacles need to be named as they appear. Then our engineering projects need to be prioritized.

  2. Engineering solutions take time, money and people. Most solutions will usually have second order engineering issues that want to be solved if possible. The adults in the room will ask us to identify and then solve these engineering side issues as soon as feasible.

  3. Shading the truth for political advantage is unhelpful when lives are at stake.

Now, as for this report, if we leave climate change to do its thing then leaving nature alone simply isn’t going to be leaving nature alone. For one thing, all the trees that can’t walk northward fast enough are certainly going to die off. That’s all the trees. Somebody needs to point out that problem.

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In the days before Yuval Harari’s ‘Agricultural Revolution’, ca 12,000 years ago, basically since the beginning of the Holocene, we were closer to the land, all of us, and principally animists, rather than modern religious. All creatures and things were seen as important - worthy - for example, the Songlines of Australia.

In a way, the modern analogue to this is ‘rights for the environment’. In effect, that is what animism was - respect, and protection, when possible, for - everything. The people were in effect the guardians for the Earth, which we now, some of us, aspire to again.

I was struck by Harari’s lines on page 79 of the hardcover “Sapiens”:

“The Agricultural Revolution certainly enlarged the sum total of food at the disposal of humankind, but the extra food did not translate into a better diet or more leisure. Rather, it translated into population explosions and pampered elites. The average farmer worked harder than the average forager, and got a worse diet in return. The Agricultural Revolution was history’s biggest fraud.”

In other words - quantity instead of quality (Pirsig would be pleased I think).

But I think the elites suffered as well - unknowingly perhaps, as they too had given up what made us tall, strong and healthy - the diversity and largess of a world which was not yet overpopulated.

So called ‘economics’, as related to and pandered to in this article, is really not economics at all - but the design software for exploitation on an increasingly massive and unsustainable scale of the Earth’s treasures.

I think our only real hope is to culturally realize this wordwide - and downsize by prioritizing.

I.E., determine - what is essential - and what is not.

Then live that way until we get a hold of ourselves - and what we really want - if we are to believe in a future.

Because this way is no way - a dead end.


This is Agenda 21 and Earth First propaganda from elites such as the super rich purchasers of huge ranch lands in western states. The ultimate goal is to run the public off of public and private lands. The elites would still have privileged access to those lands, but the common persons would be restricted to cities. I do not support this “protecting 30%” in any way. Looks as if proposing 50% was going to be overreach, hmmmm?

We Do-not have a decade. we just don’t.

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insanity is when you pursue a path that you Know is collapsing our ecosystems–that it will result in the death of every living thing on this planet(called the 6th Great extinction–now in progress in EVERY neighborhood in the world), that we have almost run out the clock on the time we have to correct the course if we hope to survive, and that they do this for the money–this is proof our so called “leaders” are crazy and not only do not merit election but should be held criminally libel for their actions-that being-the pursuit of money from the perpetrators of our climate collapse who’s business plan is literally killing us and every other living thing

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“An independent report out today shows the benefits of protecting nature outweigh the costs by at least 5-to-1”

ANY and ALL protection of nature outweighs the costs.

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No, I don’t even know if we have another year with any measure of climate or social stability.

Is anyone (other than the wealthy in their sheltered lives) feeling comfortable or secure now?
----unless you are a master at living in the now and/or Zen Buddhism!

Covid: listen to Laurie Garrett’s interview with Michael Moore to learn how utterly f—ed we are.

But more significant—a possible blue ocean event this year. If not this year VERY soon and this is with a La Nina! Can’t imagine if we were in an El Nino right now . . .


And this:

Personal anecdotes to illustrate above:

There is nothing and I mean nothing in my life (and I come from white, upper class privilege) that will ever be comfortable again. And the truth is, I know it will only go from bad to worse. No matter who is “elected” this November, if there is an “election” this November.

Here in the upper midwest we literally go from one climate swing/crisis to another with maybe a few days or weeks of respite in between.

We moved seemingly instantly from killing cold with polar vortexes (vortices? whatever they are, they suck). Snow until May then oppressive/killing heat, floods, hail, tornadoes, derechos. Many of my friends have PTSD from severe weather events including wildfires where they have lost everything.

And health care? What a f----ing joke/tragedy as we all can see.
There is no health care anymore for those of us who are not uber wealthy------- it is cruel, sociopathic extortion and biden—et al-- are orchestrating continued extortion.

We need to talk about what is going on right now, what we are in for ----there are some who are still unscathed but that will not last.

Think about this (from another post----source unknown):

Imagine a year ago, if you took a random sampling of U.S. citizens and asked them a few questions:

  • What if all schools were closed, and all students were expected to learn at home?

  • What if nearly all professional sports were be cancelled for an entire summer?

  • What if unemployment skyrocketed to 15% with worse conditions on the horizon?

  • What if the Gross Domestic Product dropped by 5% in just three months?

  • What if protests shut cities down for weeks and resulted in police using teargas in dozens of places daily?

The above questions do not even include what is happening to—the breakdown of— earth’s spheres (biosphere, atmosphere etc.)!

I am tempted to say humans are like “lemmings going off a cliff” but as far as I know, humans are the only species that commits suicide----individually and en masse. I refuse to give credence to that damn overused saying---- “like frogs in boiling water” which is not true.
And lemmings don’t commit mass suicide either.

No . . we humans are in a category by ourselves and get the award for massive march to death!