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New Report Finds People-Powered Energy Revolution is Very Possible


New Report Finds People-Powered Energy Revolution is Very Possible

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A people-powered energy revolution—an era in which people can produce their own electricity—is possible, and could happen soon, according to a new report released Monday by the environmental group Friends of the Earth Europe (FOEE).


Why are not every housing sub division, housing complex, housing room additions, etc. roofs looking like this photograph in this article? Also, people- powered energy revolution; start riding bicycles, one less car!


Certainly, let’s decentralize our energy and take people power back from huge corporations and utilities. Tear down all the 20,000 volt power lines. Tear down the power generating dams that destroy river ecosystems, and coal generators that pollute our air, and replace them with local green power generation technology like solar panels and wind turbines. Stop strip-mining coal and fracking, stop building piplines thousands of miles long that transport the raw carbon that is converted into the CO2 that will destroy our throw-away civilization. Build clean transportation and stop fighting corporate wars-for-profit that bring misery all over the globe and waste our resources. Put the “defense” money into green technology. Storage battery technology can be advanced to increase home energy storage capacity just as computer chip technology has increased home data storage capacity. Certainly it can be done, hopefully before we are all underwater.


And our local Electric Utility companies are working to pass legislation to Guarantee this Doesn’t happen.

As far as they are concerned we are their “Property” and should only be allowed to use electricity that we purchase from Them.

The so called “Fair Trade” treaties that are all over the news lately contain provisions allowing Corporations to Sue Entire Countries to collect the Profit that the company is “Owed” by US, their Customer Slaves.


Wonderful – and seems inevitable – and we need to have this happening very quickly.

But what about converting gasoline-driven cars? Shouldn’t that be at the top of the list?


2050 is too late. Fossil Free by '23.


Just one more reason to be ashamed of living in the USA.