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New Report Finds 'Strong Evidence' of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza


New Report Finds 'Strong Evidence' of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Amnesty International says its new report provides "some of the most compelling evidence yet" that Israel committed war crimes during its attack on Gaza last summer.

'Black Friday': Carnage in Rafah during 2014 Israel/Gaza conflict, states that findings indicate that Israeli forces acted in retaliatory manner, with disregard for civilian life, after Lieutenant Hadar Goldin was captured by Hamas fighters, and that the events demand urgent, independent investigation.


I still don’t understand the logic that permits keeping all those people most of whom are innocent of any crime in one massive walled ghetto. The people inside the Gaza Ghetto are being subjected to daily inhumanities which any free people would object to. Someone wrote >>> Even the South African apartheid townships weren’t bombed by fighter jets. How is it that the world community allows children and literally a million plus people to be treated as collateral targets with no release. Those people are trapped and even if a few madmen shoot rockets that doesn’t excuse a million people being tortured to pay for the actions of a few!

You don’t even have to call it the Gaza Ghetto. There is only one actual military patrolled walled ghetto in the world and that is Gaza.

Just call it the Ghetto… and pray for the innocent to be spared indiscriminate slaughter.

Death behind walls. Where is mercy?


I once commented that at least Israel was not sending Palestinians to death camps in boxcars. But later I realized that the Gaza Strip is shaped like a boxcar and that it is full of Palestinians so there is no need to round up and transport victims…they are already boxed into the killing zone. So it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish Israel from Nazi Germany. Perhaps we can say that people running down a street being strafed by fighter jets at least have some chance of escape so Israel still is not as bad as that other nasty government.


You may not care about the innocent people who are trapped but decent people around the world do. If a government goes one way that doesn’t mean all of its citizens agree with it or support what it does. The fact that these people are trapped behind walls makes a big difference. Those who would leave can’t and saying that they are all the same is just racist hate speech and no different than when that was said about jews.

Innocent people matter! Their lives will always matter! It is shameful and disgusting that Israel keeps these people trapped and virtually tortures them continuously.

Innocent lives matter but not to Israel’s government it seems. The world saw the injustice of apartheid and is beginning to see the injustice of the Israeli apartheid. To bomb civilians trapped in a walled in space is an obscenity. Shooting fish in a barrel? For shame! There is no way to make that right.


The Warsaw Ghetto was not guarded by other jews. You need to read history before you lecture people. The fact that you can be so cavalier about what happened (and incorrect as well) shows you have only a hollywood version of events. Think utter starvation and bodies (virtual skeletons) laid out on the sidewalks every day … day after day… The Gaza strip is NOT the Warsaw Ghetto. The Israelis are not exterminators like the Nazis.

The Israelis ARE maintaining an unjust apartheid like the South Africans and worse, keeping the citizens of Gaza trapped behind walls. Very medieval that by the way.

However they are not remotely like the Nazis… get that straight, please. They are like the South Africans were and the truth is they have devised their own reasons to feel ashamed as a government.

History does not excuse but it always remembers. The wrongs by one do not excuse the wrongs by someone else. Or rather… the wrongs done to you …do not excuse you doing wrong to someone else.


Wow are you full of it! So the whole world is blind and stupid huh? You want to play word games and cite legal technicalities based on Israeli law or international law? Israel is an occupying power and that is a legal designation and various laws come into play in the civilized world.

What is 68? Was that a typo?


Gotta give it to all who seem to support the action of Israel, they must be smoking the right stuff. What is happening in Gaza is inhuman and is just like the Ghetto, anyone who says otherwise is a lair. The only difference is the Ghetto was not bombed by the latest and greatest of weaponry. Israelis are racist people period, they always seem to bring out the Holocaust card every time they are questioned on any of their actions. They view everyone who is not Jewish is a slave in some form or another. To them, the Palestinians are insects that need to be exterminated.


Israeli war crimes? - Jeeze, ya think? New report? The history of Israeli/IDF war crimes is very long, from Gaza to the Occupied Territories, to Lebanon, and Mossad assassinations in other nations. Collective punishment, mass incarcerations, using indiscriminate and banned weapons including cluster bombs, white phosphorus, fletchet weapons, and more. Israel deliberately targets Palestinian men, women and children, EMS workers, journalists, unarmed peaceful American, International and Palestinian peace activists, power plants and other civilian infrastructure, homes and whole apartment blocks, Palestinian water resources and olive groves among many other crimes to further their premeditated ethnic cleansing of Palestine.






We didn’t take over land from them, force them out as refugees and then say that they have no citizenship in the lands in which they once lived.

Israelis assert a right of return based on what legal claim? If they do assert this right of return (which is not based on former physical occupancy by an individual) then their claiming former occupants have no right of return based on prior legal ownership and physical occupancy (legal refugees) is specious.

A thief just can’t pick your pocket and then say the wallet is his simply because now he happens to be holding it in his hand.

And the illustrative example most apt would be Native Americans whose lands were stolen and reparations paid (subsequently) and yes despite being sovereign internal nations (occupied), they have US citizenship and rights.

Israel keeps taking land and then says that it is theirs just because they happen to be holding it in their hands.

Meanwhile no one asks Israel to make overtures for peace. Look at the state of the middle east and you have to ask is this brutal treatment of the Palestinians absolutely necessary.

Israel goads and prods and then grabs up more land for settlements and then says… but we only want peace. It is getting sickening. Wrong is wrong no matter which side does it.


Israel has made itself into a racist state. It is not democratic since it denies citizenship to people living within the state’s fe facto possessions (settlements) i.e. the people who were living on that land that became settlements. By taking land Israel declares sovereignty over territory that it has no legal claim to and then refuses citizenship to the occupants or if refugees, former occupants (if non Jews.)

Apartheid was called legal by the South African government but it was an abomination as are any racially motivated apartheid land divisions. Israel has created an apartheid state and the world is taking notice.

By the way, many Palestinians are descended from the jewish peoples that have lived in the middle east since the days of the 12 tribes. They may have changed religions and they as well as jews might not to face facts but the majority blood lines among Palestinians is jewish or rather middle east jewish.

Just a point about reality… genetically the majority of Palestinians are jewish.


An occupying state cannot claim possession of the land in the territory being occupied according to international law. Israel has continued to take lands from the Palestinians for settlements and also declare land off limits (apartheid roadways etc.) to residents of occupied territory. The occupying power cannot permit the emigration and settlement of its citizens on occupied land.

Moreover an occupying power cannot use its own (national) laws to declare its actions in the occupied state as legal.


The Jews that did work for the Nazis weren’t the majority, however. Most of the Jews perished in the Holocaust–they did not survive.


Israel is illegally occupying Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem under International Law. What Israel needs to do is to evacuate their troops and right-wing Israeli Jewish settlers from West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, stop demolishing houses and buildings, and humiliating treatment of innocent Palestinian civilians, pull back to their internationally-recognized pre-1967 borders, and to allow the Palestinians to create their own independent, sovereign nation-state alongside Israel.


Israel is absolutely going to have to pull back from West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem and evacuate her troops and right-wing Israeli Jewish settlers if she is to survive as a nation. Otherwise, from a more selfish, bias viewpoint, Israel won’t survive, either.


You may be right about Israel’s not wanting to pull out of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem without negotiations and/or guarantees, ishmailav. If that be the case, however, then Israel, the Palestinians and the Arab states are going to have to be forced into negotiations by the International Community, which is something that should’ve been done years and years ago.

I’ll also add that since Jerusalem was supposed to be a shared Capitol between the sovereign nation-states of Israel and Palestine, Israel would probably have to cede East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, as well as the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

I also think, however, that Israel should not only be forced to evacuate her troops, but to evacuate her Right-wing Jewish settlers from West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, as well, since the settlers really don’t belong in the Palestinian territories.


“Jerusalem was not supposed to be shared, it is merely a Palestinian demand.”

When the land in question was partitioned back in 1957-1948, Jerusalem was designated as an international City; Jewish West Jerusalem was to be Israel’s Capitol, while Arab East Jerusalem was designated to be the Capitol of the nascent nation-state of Palestine.


Whatever happens to Jerusalem after all is said and done, Israel needs badly to change her policies, or, from a more selfish point of view, she won’t survive, either.

Israel needs to pull back to the internationally-recognized pre-1967 borders (i. e. from Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem), evacuate her troops and right-wing Jewish settlers, and to allow the Palestinians to create their own independent, sovereign nation-state…alongside Israel, and not in place of Israel, the way lots of people want.

I know i’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.



“Just a point about reality…genetically the majority of Palestinians are Jewish”

is absolutely not true, Wereflea. Palestinian blood-lines are either Muslim or Christian. Roughly half of the Palestinians residing in the West Bank are Christian, and the Palestinians (or most of them, anyhow) who reside in the Gaza Strip are Sunni Muslims.


I don’t know if you realize that you are talking about religions not ethnicity. Palestinians are the descendants of the people who have lived there since way before anyone was called by names we would recognize. The ancient jews who lived there in the days of the pharaohs became christianized and they in turn were converted to Islam. Not every single one of course but in general.

Only the religions changed not the genetics.


I still disagree with you here, Wereflea. Palestinians are Arabs, some Christian, and others Muslim, by ethnicity as well as religion.