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New Report Highlights US Legacy of Lies on Civilian Drone Deaths


New Report Highlights US Legacy of Lies on Civilian Drone Deaths

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In anticipation of an impending White House announcement on civilian deaths from drone strikes, international human rights group Reprieve has released a report which finds that there is significant evidence the U.S. government is lying about the human toll of the aerial bombing campaign.


Yeah, the “change we can believe-in” presidential progressive fraud and security-state champion, Barack Obama - deceives and lies yet again for the umpteenth time.
The WOT has intentionally followed policies that create generations of people - now enemies - who hate the US war-policy! Endless war and arms profits, military-Pentagon careers - parasites sucking off the teat of taxpayer dollars. Political leadership of any integrity or vision AWOL, what little diplomacy there is, rigidly structured to achieve the desired outcome of more war and conflict! War criminal states our favorite allies, we arm, defend, and fund - an obscenity of vast proportions!
Resources diverted wholesale from civilian priorities to military waste, corruption, adventurism and death - of course our own returning vets are also victims of the fraud - denied medical and psychological help that politician after politician blowhard liar claims the vet “issue” is being “studied” or "fixed "or some other damn lie, while all remains the same! Homeless and desperate vets suicide rates sky-high…and the “Potomac Two-Step” just goes on and on…

The entire mechanism must be smashed and taken down to effect radical change, that without we all remain victims of one sort or another!

“Despite months of repeated promises, the White House has yet to release its estimate of civilian casualties from the administration’s drone program – a delayed disclosure the New York Times Editorial Board described as “too little, too late.””


Bull crap its what’s for dinner anymore , thanks media.


As a vet forced to be a part of the American War in Vietnam and as a caring human being, I can only add that I feel your anger and emotion. Does anyone out there trust anything coming out of Washington any longer? Even our elections have proven to be fraudulent, frat house type games with the better trickster winning. A person’s word is their only true worth. Same with that of a country. As Americans, our word and thus our name is not worth much anymore. Sad, but this is a government of the people, by the people… We the people have truly let ourselves down by allowing our name to be so shamed.


Thanks for the historical reminders. We must never forget these travestys. International law must never forget the perpetrators.


Sorry, kids, you should have blown out the candles at your birthday party and run for cover. Now you are one Obama’s “enemies killed in action”. The problem is winners are never charged with war crimes.


If body counts are not kept, then the lies are told to minimize the number of lives lost as a result of drone warfare or excuses are made for not revealing numbers because, alas, none were recorded. What a legacy of villainy Obamas leaves with his expansion of drone warfare. Ugh!


The Defense Department has been exempted from its annual audits because it has never been able to balance its books. It seems the same logic applies here. Since the death of innocent civilians does much to tarnish the image of war, the military just doesn’t count them. Problem solved.


Maybe Obama can get Feinstein to “investigate” these war crimes. She was successful at covering up the crimes of the CIA behind her farce investigation. Remember the conjured up conflict between her and the CIA! Damn that was pathetic.


I recommend a recent film with Helen Mirren called “Eye in the Sky” which details the operations of drone “pilots” and the commanders who direct their attacks. It details the issues of “collateral damage” and the legality of these weapons. One thing, I felt that the efforts shown to minimize death and injury just may have been overplayed. When they call an American official to seek diplomatic support for the attack in Nairobi her response seemed the most realistic as she says to just do it.
It does not surprise me at all that the authorities in Washington have tried to downplay or avoid releasing the true count of the innocents killed by the drone attacks. In any event, these drones seem to be part of a highly technical “war” that looks very impressive (and obviously VERY expensive) but has led to no real “victories” in the long run. This is a fact that doesn’t seem to bother neocons like Obama, Clinton, Kagan, Kissinger and their ilk and I see no reason to expect that the Washington Consensus will change. Such is the great tragedy and obscenity of much of our foreign policy.


The only kind of “victory” the parties behind these war crimes are interested in is more “defense” equipment contracts.


It’s an old saying - the first casualty of war is the truth.
And the US is not alone in its covering up the true cost of its drone warfare. Remember how Tony Blair in Parliament and Jack Straw at the UN lied about Saddam’s alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction!
Note how long it took till the Chilcot Inquiry got started - and we have yet to see any part of that report. NB That report will have been suitably doctored and watered down by Blair and co, as Chilcot kept sending back his draft report for them to check it over, before publication.
Now that’s a really independent report - I don’t think.


100 deaths. That is just not credible.


These drones appear to resemble the Nazi V1 and V2 rockets. I guess they would be V25s or maybe V50s. When the Nazis were using them against our side, they were inhumane and cowardly. “Come down and fight, you bloody cowards,” was the cry from war torn London during the Blitz. Now, if you pick up a book on drones, that basic bit of drone history is missing. Considering how much propaganda is based on the nostalgia and romance of WWII (The Good War), this missing history seems to be right out of the rewriting and corruption of history as described in George Orwell’s book “1984”. If the first casualty of war is the truth, the last casualty seems to be the history and meaning of war, and our integrity.


If “The 1st casualty of war is the truth”, the 1st casualty of George Warmonger Bush’s wars were based on lies. Ditto Ehud Barack Obama’s war & drone strikes. Since Obama is afraid to stand up to the Republicans, he has decided to join them. :cold_sweat::rage::imp::skull:


The Feinsteins are deep into the military industrial complex for their millions. The Carlyle war mongers are their best buddies.

What’s left of the beaten and tattered republic is largely the consequence of an election system that prevents the nation from voting out anti-Constitutionists like the Feinsteins, Boxer, Biden, Schumer, McConnell, Reid, Wyden, Graham, and a cast of hundreds in the House that can’t stuff lobbyest money in their pockets fast enough.

The parties primary charade is a blatant in-your-face. Sanders is trying to pave the way to save the republic.


I always read carefully and admire and agree with your comments, Emphyrio.

I wish everyone would examine the issue you mention here of the “hope 'n change” candidate who quickly morphs into just another war perp once in office. Doesn’t this mean that we need to accept the fact that these operatives who win elections with lies are members of an extra-political organization? Only a well-organised initiative could pull off these huge deceptions. It is like iron filings forming a shape over a hidden magnet. There is a “they” and it is a lot more specific and organised than “the 1%” or “elites”. Why don’t we urgently want to know everything there is to know about what I believe is a working group with a membership, with a name, with an ideology?? I want that ideology spelled out. I want to see what they believe about reality and all that they meddle with in their enormous, brutal arrogance. I don’t believe that the amiable, eloquent populist that was Obama on the campaign trail could exist in the same skin as the murdering, manipulative liar unless there is some ideological machinery that bent him into that shape. Or is it just a matter of cancerous cells clumping together to form a tumor that threatens the whole body politic…a psycho-political disease process that effects unevolved personalities who gain too much security, too much power?


“… U.S. military and CIA airstrikes have inadvertently killed only about 100 people in nations that are not officially recognized as battlefields…”

What? “Only” 100 civilians? In areas that are not battlefields, where people should be safe from murder-by-drone? They say this like it’s a good thing.


They are obscene and unnatural looking…like eyeless insects. They make me think of “Sid’s” grotesque mutilated toys in Toy Story.


I will look for that film. Have you ever read the book In Search of Enemies by John Stockwell? It deals with CIA stupidity in Africa in the 70’s.