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New Report Issues Dire Carbon Warning: Keep It in the Ground



Keep it in the ground first, not second, by lowering the cost and raising the effectiveness of renewable alternatives through innovation. Innovation works worldwide and forever, not temporarily and in one country only like a carbon tax, and it creates jobs too.

It's important that Congress not take the innovation money and give all of it to a rich clown like always. Pay the actual innovator instead.

Better, a private philanthropy could pay the actual innovator because Congress is full of methane and always will be.


I couldn't have said it any better, Holygeezer.


I don't see how we can keep global warming below 2C without a price on carbon. That would make renewables seem less costly in comparison and provide a much greater incentive for energy efficiency measures. Right now, the transition is much too slow. A greater financial incentive is needed to speed it up.


Revelation: The Global Emergency- MV Summers.
"Humanity is at the threshold of great global change, world change on a scale never seen before, caused now by humanity's misuse & overuse of the world, by human ignorance & greed. Though few are yet aware of it, it is a global emergency.You have changed the chemistry of the atmosphere, of the waters and the soils. And now the world is changing--changing so rapidly, so dangerously. God's Message for the world must sound the alarm and provide the preparation for a new world reality.It is a time & a threshold that will call many to serve a world in peril." --The Global Emergency (MV Summers).