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New Report Names Nearly 4,000 Companies Profiting Off of Private Prison Industry

New Report Names Nearly 4,000 Companies Profiting Off of Private Prison Industry

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A new report provides information on which corporations are profiting from the private prison industry.

The report (pdf), which was released by criminal justice advocacy group Worth Rises, is based on a database run by the organization that lists a total 3,900 companies in 12 sectors that make money off of the prison industrial complex.


And, I’ll wager everything in my 401K that most members of Congress have stock in some or all of those 4000 companies.


That is a very safe bet, but i would also assume that many people who do are not even aware of it.
Much of the stock in those companies are held by various funds, and your average retiree investor often just divide their savings between what appears to be well managed founds without giving it much more thought.
To make matter worse, many found managers trade primarily based on analyzes done by algorithms and basically just legalize the trades. They too can be ignorant of the particulars of the portfolios they manage, at least when it comes to the how the various businesses are actually run.


The utter depravity of neoliberalism, on display: “Privatize” the basic state function of prisons to corporate profiteers, who then have a vested interest in growing the prison-industrial complex and expanding and monetizing their investment in human debasement and enslavement. And a vested interest in corrupting the policing function and the “justice” system to do so. And it all dovetails so nicely (and not merely co-incidentally) with the US establishment of white supremacy.

That’s your god-damned so-called “free market.” Just like the “free market” privateers / entrepreneurs of the 17th century, who threw off the yoke of the king in order to “trade freely” in enslaved humans, and helped lay the foundation for this “liberal republic” the USA.

Fuck this system.


Kamala Harris donors

Add to that the growing industry from the “immigration crisis” what with detention centers and services for detainees or lack thereof that may lead to death due to neglect on the part of private contractors acting as government agents; and people fleeing poverty and no hope for economic success or future are being jailed, caged, separated from family…yet, they still come. What does that say? It says to me that an awful lot of wonderful immigrants live among us who aren’t legal and I don’t care. It says that the system sucks. Like most systems set up to catch a fault, it will fail at being 100 % correct. Plenty of folks assimilate into the community.