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New Report on Lynching Reveals Sinister Legacy of 'Racial Terrorism' in America


New Report on Lynching Reveals Sinister Legacy of 'Racial Terrorism' in America

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Capital punishment and ongoing racial injustice in the United States are a "direct descendent" of lynching, charges a new study, which found that the pre-World War II practice of "racial terrorism" has had a much more profound impact on race relations in America than previously acknowledged.

The most comprehensive work done on lynching to date, the investigation unearthed a total of 3,959 racially-motivated lynchings during that period, which is at least 700 more killings than previously reported.


A hateful present hanging on a horrific past


While I get the point, the fact that we disregard the lynchings of white, American Indian Chinese Americans, etc., skews the issue, perhaps in an effort to minimize our own perceptions of the barbarity of our culture. (Another problem is that, for decades, all white Americans have been held responsible for the crimes of people who lived long before any members of our families even came to the US. Collective, race-based blame.) Modern justice, such as it is, is clearly based on class/economic status. In America, you get whatever justice you can afford. Police presence (oppression/abuses) is focused on areas of concentrated populations. Poor black people today largely live in concentrated urban areas, the result of moving to low-rent districts in pursuit of manufacturing jobs during the 20the century. The majority of our poor are white, and poor white people are widely scattered, living in the vast areas between the major cities, making them poor “targets” for police. This generation is intensely class-based, where even our “bold progressives” wave the banner for the bourgeoisie alone.

My point is that by concentrating only on race, we are able to narrow down our perceptions of America’s warped justice and our brutality, shifting the blame to a comparatively small group of white men rather than recognize just how primitive our mainstream culture actually is.


lynching and choking of black people or any people in new york state is protected by no enforceable law. in other words there are no statutes to guide the degrees of guilt in the act of killing a person by those methods. that is why the grand jury did not indict the idiots that killed eric gardner (staten island loose cigerette seller arch criminal). the punk prosecutors were able to plead they had no legal guidance under which they could indict. do the research!!! if you dont believe.