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New Report on Radioactive Tap Water Renews Concerns About Trump Nominee for Top Environmental Role

New Report on Radioactive Tap Water Renews Concerns About Trump Nominee for Top Environmental Role

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Critics are challenging Trump's "outrageous" and "alarming" move to renominate the former head of a Texas environmental agency who has admitted to falsifying reports of radiation levels in drinking water


This woman should not be in charge of anything that affects Public Health. Actually, what she did in Texas should make her the subject of Federal prosecution!


WTF is wrong with these people and our system. We either believe in science or we don’t and these willful suck ups don’t as they’ve been bought off.


Sounds to me like this woman is qualified for a long prison term, not a top post involving our environment.

What The Fuck is Wrong?

It’s spelled, D-U-O-P-O-L-Y.

All sorts of Evil stems from it.

I am of course appalled at the wholesale destruction of environmental protection at the EPA and other agencies.

But in this case, the radium is at the same very low levels which occur in even pristine water sources - water that humans and their evolutionary ancestors have been drinking for millions of years. Meanwhile, there are pollutants - human made ones - way ahead of radium in need of action such lead and other heavy metals, arsenic, disinfection-produced organochlorines, volatile organics and industrial and oil/gas well waste.

Removal of every bit of radium and other natural radionuclides would be difficult, the benefits virtually non-existent, and would only result in water plants becoming producers of concentrated radium waste that would be hazardous.

Perhaps the California goals are unreasonable?

I never understood the way the word “radioactive” sparks terror in the public while far more dangerous and widespread mutagenic, endocrine-disrupting and carcinogenic substances - which unlike radionuclides are actually man-made or otherwise foreign to the biosphere like benzene, pthalates and persistent pesticides elicit mostly yawns…

From the article:

‘…In its study, EWG tested for radioactive elements in tap water across the country from 2010 to 2015, and found “radium, the most common radioactive element found in tap water” in “more than 22,000 utilities serving over 170 million people in all 50 states.”…’

That’s not surprising, since every sample of water on Earth, whether from a faucet or a bubbling spring or a lake or a raindrop contains radium. It bears mention that following the link provided by the article leads to little more than an ad.