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New Report on Trans Mountain Pipeline Highlights 'Dangerous' Construction Hot Spots

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/11/new-report-trans-mountain-pipeline-highlights-dangerous-construction-hot-spots

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yes, the chances of a pipe leak is 87% or even more during the next 50 years.
To avoid environmental harm, do the following:

  1. At each water crossing, use double pipe in trenches. There is a space between the inner and outer pipes called the annulus. This is held in a slight vacuum. If the inner pipe leaks, the pressure inside the annulus goes up - sets off alarms, shuts down pumps and valves.
  2. Use seamless pipe from Calgary and Lorain (thru 26"). Nippon Steel provided the pipe two generations ago for the alaska pipeline.
  3. Circumferential welds are x-rayed or fluoroscopy. Then annealed to help avoid hydrogen enbrittlement in the weld effected zones.
  4. Mandate inspections by independent individuals.
  5. 50 years may be too long an expected service life. Maybe financing should be based on 25 years.
  6. Corrosion will occur.

To truly avoid all environmental harm, do the following:

The Canadians are starting all over from the beginning. All previous permits, studies, opinions, are null. This may be due to new ownership of the proposed pipeline.

The Enbridge pipeline ruptured at Battle Creek Michigan six years ago - at the river.
And still not cleaned up. It has been replaced with all new pipe from Griffith, Indiana to Sarnia, Ontario. It does go thru a lot of swampland in Indiana, This is why my interest began in pipelines.
Enbridge had no inspections, maintenance, etc. Simply sit in some office and collect rent. I argue that the pipeline owner has responsibility for pipeline integrity, quality materials, trained employees. The LCD (lowest common denominator) clean up crews at $8 / hour and no English language is show, not results.

They DO have responsibility. Just as coal, tobacco, mines, and any other polluter.
They just dole out a fine from time to time. Cheaper than running a sound operation.

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The fine for Battle Creek oil pipeline rupture at the river was about 1% of the damage cleanup cost - which is not yet completed. Not good enough in my view.

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