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New Report Reveals Trump's Year of Systemically Censoring Climate Crisis


New Report Reveals Trump's Year of Systemically Censoring Climate Crisis

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"The frightening long-term consequence of such censorship is that we may have fewer scientists working on one of the most complex and urgent scientific problems of our time."



Psssst…it’s called corporations taking over regulatory agencies.

Dear Libertarians, spare me your assertions that the existence of regulatory agencies itself, is what caused the corrupt taking over of those agencies by corporations whose activities such regulatory agencies were designed to regulate.


an excellent piece that dovetails with this article:

it would be irresponsible to suggest that the current expression of authoritarianism in US politics began with Trump, or that the context for his rise to power represents a distinctive moment in American history. As Howard Zinn points out in A People’s History of the United States, the US was born out of acts of genocide, nativism and the ongoing violence of white supremacy. Moreover, the US has a long history of demagogues, extending from Huey Long and Joe McCarthy to George Wallace and Newt Gingrich. Authoritarianism runs deep in American history, and Trump is simply the end point of these anti-democratic practices.

With the rise of casino capitalism, a “winner-take-all” ethos has made the United States a mean-spirited and iniquitous nation that has turned its back on the poor, underserved, and those considered racially and ethnically disposable. It is worth noting that in the last 40 years, we have witnessed an increasing dictatorship of finance capital and an increasing concentration of power and ownership regarding the rise and workings of the new media and mainstream cultural apparatuses.


Denying climate science is a tribal ritual. There are no climate regulations.


Trump while a pig, is hardly alone in this. The entire mainstream media is complicit as well.


Follow the money. Where does the U.S. spend the majority of it’s monies? On things that kill.


Rome had the Pax Romana, we have Pax Exterminata…


In the alternative reality right wing universe scientists cannot be trusted. So in that universe, where Trump and most of his supporters reside, this make perfect sense. It has been stated by some observers is that what we have is an epistemological crisis. I think this move by Trump and his gang of climate deniers reflects that.


The God Squad supporting and drilling more holes in Trump’s head, as if he needed more, don’t believe in climate change. They believe in Jesus’s plan, instituted about 7200 years ago, about the divine destiny of our planet. They are the religiously insane and will do the dirty work necessary to fulfill their self-created delusions. Which includes taking over our gov’t and using nuclear weapons, if need be, " to destroy the planet in order to save it ".
Unfortunately, these religiously insane people have infiltrated both political parties to an extent, though our MSM tends to focus on the Republicans and their leadership. That allows the Democratic Party to get a pass, which is a dangerous trend. The Democratic leadership has a lot of religiously insane members in leadership positions. Hillary and Barack, to pick the lowest hanging fruit, are merely the tip of the iceberg. Certainly there are 25-30% of the current members of the Democratic Party who thwart science and use religiously insane doctrines to guide their political decisions. It pays well, I imagine.
As long as this condition is allowed to exist inside our permanent gov’t, all the valiant efforts of the majority of the world’s people hang in the balance, of people like Trump and others. Who aren’t fit to run a prayer breakfast, let alone be involved in our gov’t.


Who bothers to read these websites anyway? Certainly not Trump supporters or anyone on the opposite side actually looking for the truth.


You can’t censor reality.


Well said!


While the lack of transparency and accuracy in regulatory agencies has greatly declined during the (ms)administration of the Tweeting Idiot of Orange, the fact is they abandoned their stated missions decades ago. During the “re-imagining government” reign of Clintons/Gore the whole thing went to hell. While Obama was good at PR his government was nothing more than a mouthpiece for oligarchs, corporatists and militarists. As for the Rethugs in between, well, they’re Rethugs and would have been thrown on the trash heap of history long ago if this nation was anything that resembled a democracy – or even an honest Republic. So it goes in KorporateKabukiLand Ink.


Censorship has definitely occurred, but this is really nitpicky: " Across the website, the word “impacts” was systematically changed to “effects”, for example: “impacts of coal mining” became “effects of coal mining,” and “reducing the environmental impacts of coal use” was changed to “reducing the environmental effects of coal use.”

The only reason that I point this out is because so much of the time the concern is on the EPA’s censorship, even though the US Department of Energy is actually responsible for more than 70% of all scientific studies. It is concerning to me that the DOE and EIA would produce reports that dismiss the effects of climate change and CO2 emissions. However, when I actually look up these reports by the EIA and DOE I cannot find information about this dismissal. Instead the focus is on kid’s learning documents, which honestly if youre expecting the most technical documents on climate change and emission data to be found in the “Kid’s section” then you are really grasping at straws.

Below you will find the most recent reports by the EIA and DOE regarding CO2 emissions and Climate Change, and while they are not part of the “Kids Section” they do in fact provide data on these concerns and provide information to other links where you can learn more information. I have long said that in the time on corruption in the EPA, we should look at data from the DOE.

EIA October 2017 Report on CO2 emissions by fuels:


DOE Climate Change:



Jesus was not around 7200 years ago.


Yes, these religiously insane actually cheer every time there is a disaster. They are truly psycho. I once heard one of these types cheer when the leader of Israel was assassinated at that time - real concern about fellow humans.


To say the least, these sociopaths (in expensive, flag-pinned suits) are literally endangering our lives.


But, the stories and fables of yore, captured by ears and later recorded, say it was the starting point for The Flat Earth Society. Which manifested and peaked during the Reagastonocene Period and a little later in the Bushistonocene Period.
The Obamaisstoned Period offered some relief. But, due to the black, greasy hand of The God Squad the current Trumpalooniescene Period will be all retrograde, " and cloaked in fog and have black ice on the infrastructure and stepping stones. " Book of Shibboleths Chap. Deuce, Verses 3-5 or 6-8, around there. - Donald Trump


Perhaps if corporations were not granted the power to take over the regulators, we’d see less of it. Barring that, then, it is critical that we amend or abolish the corporation itself.


What Trump did which is unique is to bring this authoritarian movement into the mainstream. And others played a role. It was Fox News that publicized the early Tea Party rallies which resulted in large crowds. Breitbart News carried out a plan to bring white supremacy into the mainstream. And the internet was key. The alt-right formed on the internet. It really began on 4Chan and then on 8Chan. And then on neo-Nazi websites .That is where the alt-right internet troll armies formed. Trump running for president helped give the alt-right and militia movement a common purpose. If Trump has lost the election many of the these people claimed they would revolt. It certainly didn’t start with Trump but he was the catalyst that made this movement a major threat to US democracy and the pursuit of ideals such as equality and justice and the idea of a country for everybody.