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New Report Reveals Water Threats Posed by the "Dirty Three's" Pipeline Routes


New Report Reveals Water Threats Posed by the "Dirty Three's" Pipeline Routes

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A recently released Greenpeace report found four proposed pipelines that would transport diluted bitumen extracted from the Canada's Alberta tar sands to the United States pose grave threats to water resources along the pipelines' routes.


There will be no values placed before profits.


Enbridge Line 5 is a straight-up corporate giveaway.

They line the pockets of Republicans here and put Pure Michigan at risk.

What did we learn from the Line 3 spill into the Kalamazoo River? Diddly Squat.

That’s why candidates and office holders who rely on corporate money will never get my vote.

Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Deval Patrick…I’m talking to you.


That truth, you can certainly take to the bank.


The DAPL pipeline was featured yesterday on Vice - There has been at least one major leak in the system already.


Seems clear that they’re not only trying to poison the citizens of Flint and their water …
“We are all the native American” … eventually.


Interesting how quickly Kamala Harris has risen to the top. Hillary’s brunch mate? " Money, money, money…"
Sen. Warren are you watching this?
As to the potential environmental disasters: nineteen50 pretty much covers it. Sadly, the First Nations people and Native Americans look like they’re in for quite a fight. We all are, as forest fires pollute the air in the Northwest, it looks like 1970s in LA. People and pets are getting sick, a real mess.

Most of the new coal being mined in Trumpland is headed for export. To make steel, of course. The energy boom in America is soon to be going full throttle. Oh, brother.


I’m starting to wonder what a Nina Turner candidacy would look like. Her versus Kamala–I like Nina’s odds.

In any case, corporate Dems learned nothing from the Sanders campaign.

Because what they’d have to learn would shut off the money spigot.


If it can spill, thou shalt not drill!


Mni Wiconi ~Water is Life💦
Gaia is counting on the shut down of threatening pipelines.
The Red Path of Resistance is the way forward. Our indigineous sisters and brothers have had a long time to practice and teach, to lead in direct non-violent civil disobedience.:pray:


Water, $chmawter.


Agreed. A huge fight is coming about: MONEY! Shocking, I know.:wink:
Nina v.The Democratic Establishment?
Draining The Swamp =s Taking most of the money out of political campaigns. And, allowing someone who makes $30-35K a year ( or a family making $45-50K ) to give $27.00-45.00 a month to candidates, et al. Who’ll then actually consider and reflect their concerns on national policies. Such as healthcare, living standards, environmental laws, military spending, what have you.
My solution is a $250 for Primary/$500 for General Elections maximum donation ( per individual ) in all Federal election contests. No Pacs, No Perks, No Pay-to Play. Break it all up, already!
Level the playing field for the working class and families v. the 1%ers and Wall St. Corps. Or, just go to a Public Financing scheme, completely.