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New Report Shows How Banks and Financial Firms 'Gambling Away Our Future' by Bankrolling Oil and Gas Projects

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/10/new-report-shows-how-banks-and-financial-firms-gambling-away-our-future-bankrolling

No wonder BlackRock preferred to pour money into the campaigns of democrats in 2020.

They gave their bribes to republicans too, but to a distinctly lesser amount.

These are the “People” for whom Nancy Pelosi really works.

The rest of us just don’t quite measure up to her standards of what it means to be people.


The power of all banks and financial institutions derives from their product – i.e. money – and if we truly wish to take that power away, we must stop using their product. Otherwise this engine will never stop until we hit the wall.


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The only real way to stop the destruction of our home world and the speciesystem is …follow the money .

Eliminate money or make it totally transparent, visibility is just another name for truth.

" Nothing changes inappropriate behaviour faster than the light of public scrutiny ".

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Making it totally transparent essentially eliminates money, because if were universally understood what money actually is, people would throw it away.

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Public Banking Institute
Crypto currency models … its not just for fun anymore.

Forbes on Cryptocurrency

It must be convenient for the fossil fuel industry to have such a large portion of mainstream society simply too worried about and exhausted with feeding, housing and protecting against COVID-19 their families on a substandard income to criticize Big Fossil Fool for the great damage it’s been doing to our planet’s natural environment and therefore our wellbeing, particularly when that damage is not immediately observable.

(Who needs ‘carbon sinks’ when, as the subconscious general mentality allows us, Earth’s entire atmosphere and water systems can be and usually are used as our carbon dumps?!)

About a year and a half ago, our supposedly environmentally concerned Canadian (now minority) Liberal government, besides pushing for the tripling of diluted bitumen flow, gave the dirty-energy fossil fuel sector 12-fold the subsidization they allocated to clean renewable energy technology innovations.

To have almost everyone addicted to driving their own fossil-fuel-powered single occupant vehicle (etcetera) surely helps keep their collective mouths shut about the planet’s greatest and still very profitable polluter, lest they feel like and/or be publicly deemed hypocrites.

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I stopped using banks in favor of local non profit credit unions many years ago when slick Willie allowed the banks gamble on stocks with my money. Our screwed up corporate structure compels corporations to concentrate on profits at the expense of people and the rest of the world. We must make our “decision makers” reflect on our systems very seriously.

And, what’s your solution? Complain all you want but if you do anything, then you are part of the problem.

these people are not honest business people acting in good faith–they are the world’s worst criminals–their crime is the destruction of our planet( called ecocide) FOR THE MONEY—these people are killers on a scale never seen before–the biggest mass murderers in history (people are already dying from climate change and it will only get worse if they are allowed to continue) --which will unfortunately end if they are allowed to carry out their destruction

Our banks are too big to fail, and our system is the best at generating wealthfor the top dogs ever, therefore we must tighten our belts one more, no two more notches to make the foreign invesetors whole.


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