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New Report Shows Social Security Is Strong, But Advocates Warn GOP Must Be Stopped From Using Covid-19 to Launch 'Stealth Attack'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/22/new-report-shows-social-security-strong-advocates-warn-gop-must-be-stopped-using

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Why would any party try to take down a program that every American is required to pay into?

Obama tried it twice.

I don’t recall Obama doing that. Is there a reference to it. Facts, just the facts.

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When our misleadership begins the process of giving our retirement money to Wall St, Democrats will be the sellout swine leading the charge.

For video proof of the Senile Citizen’s atrocious record on SSI, just google “Walker Bragman” “Here’s a quick video of Joe Biden calling for cuts to Social Security over the years.”

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What is coming out of the Trojan horse now is an attack FAR bigger that an attack on Social Security. It is the final battle for Empire. The CV19 ‘pandemic’ is resulting in simultaneous attacks on ALL enemies that have been a thorn in Empire’s side for so long:

-Social Security


  • The USPS

  • Small businesses (yes- Empire despises any business but a corporate one.)

  • State funding (McConnell encourages states to file for bankruptcy- defaulting on employee pensions and contractor payments. But never fear. If the contractor is a corporate contractor, the Feds will use tax dollars to bail them outs.)


-The EPA (Let the local communities deal with pollution and toxic clean-ups.)

-The Department of the Interior (Sell off the national parks, forests, and monuments. Then billionaires like Bezos can have places like Yellowstone National Park for their backyards.)

-Global resource control (via wars already in the works against: Iran, Venezuela, etc.)

-Oh, and BTW: Fuck the climate. Empire will have climate-controlled bubbles. Let the people and every other species burn in hell.

If you look carefully, ALL of these attacks are ramping up right now!!!

The question is: Are people willing to look carefully. Because if they DO, then there is only one option: A real in-the-streets revolution. And at that point, my friends, you might thank at least some of those who have guns. This will not be pretty. It will definitely NOT be televised. But it MUST HAPPEN SOON: Before the guns are taken away. Before the chip IDs have been implanted. Before the people have been stripped of any and all power to revolt in a meaningful way.

If id doesn’t happen soon? Well, it probably won’t have a devastating effect on you and me. But it will COMPLETELY destroy the lives of our grandchildren. Let’s see if Americans really DO care about their grandkids.



The Atlantic:
Reality Check: Obama Cuts Social Security and Medicare by Much More Than the GOP
Obama plans to cut between $200 billion and $380 billion more from Social Security and Medicare than Republicans in the next ten years

The Intercept:
Obama Wanted to Cut Social Security. Then Bernie Sanders Happened.

Money com
Obama drops controversial Social Security proposal

Counter Punch
Obama’s “Cat Food” Social Security Reform

Thanks for the followup. Seems you are correct. The caveat was that it wasn’t an outright proposal, but hidden in the open with other legislation. Something to always be aware of as you have shown.

There was a two year period around 2011-12 when Obama reduced the payroll tax. I recently discarded my pay stubs from that era so I can’t confirm the exact dates.

Obama’s catfood commission would have cut the payroll tax permanently if Moscow Mitch had not been jealous of Obama getting the kudos from the oligarchs that Moscow wanted for the GOP.