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New Report Shows Trump's 'Tough on Crime' Stance Doesn't Extend to 'Lawbreaking Corporations'


New Report Shows Trump's 'Tough on Crime' Stance Doesn't Extend to 'Lawbreaking Corporations'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

President Donald Trump has long positioned himself as "tough on crime"—but, as a new Public Citizen report revealed Wednesday, that stance doesn't extend to "lawbreaking corporations."


Corporations are People, so Why not?
Oh right, Corporations must be White People.

Hey somebody was going to say it.


Yee Haw, weeze back in the Wild West and there ain’t no law… Yep, None for us Jesse, I reckon. Hooze gunna stop us Paw, the Marshall? Nah, don’t u worry bout him son, he’s gunna git his share after the Bank and Train loot. Git on to the Saloon now. Time to git Liquored Up real good. This is gunna be a hoot. Gotta round up the boyz, so git yer shotgun ready. Weeze all can git away with anythin’ we darn well please. Don’t git any better than this…


Steal a loaf of bread because you and your family are starving, and this system of injustice will throw the book at you.

Spend a lifetime involved in tax fraud, mortgage fraud, money laundering, bribery, and tax evasion, and you might be allowed to be president.


It would sound better in the original Sicilian.


When did a tough on Crime Stance ever extend to Corporations.? Could someone direct me to a single administration that treated Corporate Crime or the crimes of the Rich the same as crimes committed by the working class.?

There people go out of their way to protect the criminal class.


We’ve got the best justice system money can buy.


But why would it extend to “lawbreaking corporations?” Trump’s org has a very long history of lawbreaking; he’s quite comfortable with it. We have but to look at Trump “University.”


There’s no need to comment upon or further analyze trump. The fact is clear and undeniable, he is a gangster, his friends are gangsters, his children are gangsters, and his supporters are lawless and or clueless.


Cowboys were Scicilian? Really?


This is our Country and We have to deal with the rules They make. If we don’t agree with these Rules, we need to change them right? This is what we refuse to do on our own, so we complain and analyze all of what’s going on over and over. Maybe because it’s so sick, we can’t understand any of it. We leave it in the hands of our politicians and pray they do the right thing but never do. So what’s the plan? So far no one has come up with even one… Whenever I mention Revolution or Resitance I’m told to tone it down, so someone else can do it…,I’m good with complaining and debating the issues to death, which is commonplace on this board. Nobody ever gets Mad. Strange…


Keep up the angst. It invigorates us old fart so we can keep hope that the next generation has enough fight in them.
If not, us old farts might have strap on some c-4 and sacrifice us and our vehicles. I think a convoy of a dozen or so, one after another.
Yup, third world tactics for a third world country.


Decades ago there were more laws in play to regulate the crookery that has evolved for the worse over time. The rules applied to banks as well as corporations. Now they are virtually gone. Question is: How did this happen? Well… we all have to look in the mirror for the answer. We got lazy and are now paying the price.


We, at least the 95 to 97% of us that continue to vote to support Duopoly politicians election after election who have created and passed legislation to make legal which once was not, well, this could be the starting point for how to begin correcting many of the wrongs that our votes have wrought on our nation.

How is it that so many are blind to the political corruption that they continue to support every 2 to 4 years?

I still have hope for my fellow Americans, however, it’s beginning to wane.

Addiction to this Duopoly may be the death of many of us.


Always like your musical choices PB. Here’s a Dylan song (not sung by him) that somehow came to mind after hearing Joan & Bob.and two from back in the day that could unfortunately be done today (with only a word changed).


Interesting anecdote, the actor Robert Blake made a film in the late fifties or early sixties about a genuine mob gang, perhaps it was the Purple Gang. He said the producers had to change the names of the actual real life mob characters to Italian because they were “too Jewish”.


I will believe that American law is really applied to everyone when Texas executes a corporation.


Gooooleee, whodathunkit? A jerk that promotes detractors and others who have been fighting regulations and safety procedures to run the federal agencies that they have been fighting against might just turn a blind eye to corporate criminal activity? This cannot be much of a surprise to anyone who would give this even a smidgen of thought.


The will prolly try to hang the offending corporate personhood.


Last national election the winner, by a significant majority, was None Of The Above by registered voters. Ya see where that got us. Maybe this time it wasn’t the voters who were at fault but those who choose the candidates who are letting the nation down. How long have the electoral power of the vote been compromised? We can only vote for what the parties give us and this time we had no real choice. Useless and godawful is a no option!