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New Report Shows Trump's 'Tough on Crime' Stance Doesn't Extend to 'Lawbreaking Corporations'


Essentially that did happen out of the Enron Scandal. A highly regarded national CPA firm - Arthur Andersen - was put out of business due to its involvement with Enron.


Yes, they were well known for domesticating black leather coats and heeled boots, too.


This country was once worth defending. It took a lot of sacrifices to make it that way; millions of deaths. To start over, from near nothing, which is where we find ourselves, it will take a hell of a lot more than it did at that time.


Limited Liability needs to be completely eliminated, and the persons within any corporation held fully and directly liable for all legal offenses committed by the corporation, the extent of which can be determined based upon the percentage of their compensations relative to the rest of the company, and the power of their position. The corporation itself should be held blameless except for fiscal reparations beyond the collective guilty individuals’ net worth.