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New Report Warns of Deepfakes and Social Media Disinformation Campaigns That Aim to Undermine 2020 Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/03/new-report-warns-deepfakes-and-social-media-disinformation-campaigns-aim-undermine

Queue to roll out the trump trolls, or should I say…

It’s all a fake…Righttttt…

Watch Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp discuss a new advertising based censorship targeting them in particular:


Technology as a double edged sword and why we need publicly funded elections with real debates.


You can tell when someone on the “left” is in the thrall of this conspiratorial social media/YouTube red-brown disinformation because they will deny it even exists and jsut like their friends on the neofascist right say that it is all fake propaganda from "the liberals and democrats (both small and capital “D”).

I await, once again, a sizable chunk of the far left getting behind Trump in 2020.

Social Media…

…is neither.

If you still use Facebook or any corporations they own, like Instagram, you are part of the problem. Sorry but one person’s behavior does count, mainly because millions of FB users think that one person’s behavior doesn’t count. Facebook is not on democracy’s side. It is only there to make money.

Quoting NPR and Washington Post in an article on “Disinformation Campaigns That Aim To Undermine 2020 Election.”

How 'bout that.


Like nobody could see this coming since the two major communication deregulation acts of 1986 and 1996 were passed. Those things, along with Reagan and every subsequent president no longer enforcing the Fairness doctrine, has led us to where we are today. In no part of today’s media does there exist anything that could be remotely referred to as “News”.
When you commoditize something you make the sale and marketing of it the most important thing. Quality and service become secondary concerns (and sometimes not even that high).
Most of the media that Americans now “consume” is being produced by five companies. That’s right, all those cable channels, all those websites, are owned by very few people who, believe it or not, have an agenda. That agenda of course is that people keep buying their product, and of course that they spend a minimum of money producing it.
Almost everything you read on the net, or see on tv, is opinion. Sure, there are some facts mixed in there (as the best place to hide a lie is in between two truths) but most of what you see is not to inform you, but to entertain you.


I wish people would stop spreading the bullshit story that democrats somehow crossed party lines and voted for Trump in 2016, thus giving him the White House.
The truth is very simple. Trump received a smaller percentage of the vote than did Romney in 2012 and about the same as McCain in 2008. The problem was that democrats didn’t recognize, and still deny, that voter suppression laws, passed in key swing states from 2010 through 2016, depressed democratic turnout, especially among minority populations in Wisconsin, Michigan. Ohio, PA, North Carolina and Florida. And of course, the corporate democrats alienated even more voters by ignoring their populist uprising and demonizing all things Sanders in 2016. It created a perfect storm, and the electoral college was lost.
And we see the same perfect storm forming again. The two political parties are experiencing populist uprisings. Last time he republicans embraced theirs and won. The democrats shunned theirs and lost. Tom Perez and the rest of the Clintonites seem Hell bent on running the same strategy next year. They do at their own peril, and unfortunately, the peril of the entire nation.


They will make the net as large as they can to ‘accidently’ pick up as many lefties as they can


NPR is part of the fake media. all they doc is take money from corporations and spread lies. they are no more.


You stole a little thunder BigB.
“Like nobody saw this coming?”
We could see this coming since the Russian interference in the last presidential election.

I largely agree with your take on the previous election and the voter suppression.

And sadly in this case, the third party voters had a negative effect that was bigger than people want to admit.

NPR got scammed by republicans during the “Hate Bush Years.”

Very well said. Honestly though, I’m not so certain that the democrats are there to win. I mean, both parties are corrupt to the core. Their funders are mostly the same, or at least on the same page. Wall Street is in control to the point that it should really be thought of (along with the media) as separate branches of the government.

The way the Dems lost in 2016 (and all around the country in preceding years) seems deliberate. No one could run a campaign that poorly and really desire a win. And no party could run so many phoney, empty platitude infested candidates and expect any kind of enthusiasm or engagement of the electorate.

Sanders has shown clearly that American’s are most definitely interested in alternatives. Currently, Tulsi Gabbard has clearly shown the same (with her anti-war stance and more) as the number 1 candidate in the debates for internet searches. With proper support, these two could be real contenders and could win against Trump.

Of course the Dem Party response is to aggressively derail their efforts as quickly as possible and remove them as real alternatives.

Fact is, despite the empty platitudes, the Dem Party loves things just how they are and will happily go down in defeat. They’re probably way better paid to produce that result.


Let’s see…how do you want your propaganda injection today…in the arm or will it be buttocks

I think we better up that dose of disinformation…you seem a little independent in your thinking lately…usually we administer this as a suppository

And if anyone tells you that foreign governments have military units that will dose you for free, well you just put that little idea out of you mind

Click your heels 3 times and keep repeating “ There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home, follow the party line. Follow…

NPR is useless now


NPR is worse than useless- they are (and have for the better part of two decades been) avid participants in the very sorts of distortions outlined in the article.

Their most recent effort eaned the disdain of some of the learned folks from the UK, wherein NPR goes searching for ‘man in the street’ interview on Brexit and chooses among (how many?) the very worst, self destructive xenophobe they can find, then attempts through preconceived questions to legitimise and even promote the hatred.


. . . governments such as Russia, China, and Iran may work to disseminate lies in attempts to sway public opinions regarding the next race for the White House, but “domestic disinformation will prove more prevalent than false content from foreign sources.”

As the research of Gilens and Page make clear, the US is an oligarchy/plutocracy (https://scholar.princeton.edu/sites/default/files/mgilens/files/gilens_and_page_2014_-testing_theories_of_american_politics.doc.pdf). The effects of ‘Deepfakes’ and social media ‘disinformation’ are bound to be dwarfed by the anti-democratic control wealth exerts over US electoral politics.