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New Reporting Reveals Bipartisan War Hawks 'Giddy' Over Presumed Clinton Presidency

New Reporting Reveals Bipartisan War Hawks 'Giddy' Over Presumed Clinton Presidency

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Though the hawkish stance of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been largely ignored this election season, new reporting on Thursday highlights how her presumed win in November will usher in a more aggressive, bipartisan foreign policy in the Middle East and beyond.


Folks, if you think the debates were a nightmare just wait until Hillary Rotten Clinton becomes POTUS! You ain’t seen nothing yet! As soon as a Russian airplane is shot down in Syria’s no fly zone we could very well be looking at a third world war, but in the next war our homeland could very well be attacked resulting in millions of Americans deaths. Not doom and gloom, just the facts the way I see them; but I do hope like hell that I am wrong!


President Hillary Clinton??? The murderous cackling psycho who proposed drone-bombing Julian Assange??? Is this what 240 years of American history has come to? I’d leave the country, but no place will be safe. My homeland is corrupt and stupid; we are helpless against the greed and power of the war industry, the fossil fuel industry, and all the other multi-national cannibals. How can this be? We don’t have a republic anymore – No one lacking enough money for (legal) bribes has any say whatsoever. We can’t even keep our evil within our borders…we are killing people all over the world because they don’t like us and won’t give us their money. If Hillary can’t be stopped at the polls she must be stopped via impeachment.


We will really need a grand bargain as Wallace suggested in the debate to end S.S. as we know it to pay for more “f” ing war.


This is why the Dems NEED Trump as a boogie-man & why Trump keeps getting uglier by the day. So liberals can rationalize a vote for Hillary, and will thus become her accomplices in the mass murders that will surely ensue. Like a gun moll in a film noir, they will be committed, right down the line, and disinclined to oppose Hillary’s Permanent Wars. Same playbook that worked for Obama. To vote for Hillary is to assist in your own brainwashing.


Thank you for your reply. You are correct about a nuke war, but I was trying to not look alarmist. Yeah, the inmates have taken over the insane asylum…no doubt about it!


War Hawks and Wall Street love HRC who is planning to follow Bill’s effort in privatizing Social Security:



Sorry, I can’t vote for Mrs Strangelove.


building “on the Obama administration’s campaign to defeat the Islamic State and Al Qaeda militarily…”

Here in Orwellistan this actually means “arming and funding our joint jihadi terrorist armies even though it is against the law to aid Al Qaeda and their associates”.



With delays in getting TPP passed, Obama is looking more closely at his post-POTUS corporate speaking fee value. In order to get what Bill Clinton gets Obama needs to deliver more regressive legislation to his corporate paymasters…FAST, Now his regime is investigating the Russians to 1) lend legitimacy to the Clinton campaign’s claims that Russia hacked the DNC, and 2) help restart the cold war with Russia to restore the huge cold war revenue the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) has sorely missed for the past quarter century.


Nothing we haven’t been screaming about for the last couple of months here at CD.
Russia currently moving more battleships into the eastern Mediterranean.
Russia building an air force base in Syria.
Russia sharing a base with Egypt.
Putin and company have been taking Hillary’s and the DNC’s threats seriously.
What a madwoman she is.


Clever of Clinton to portray Trump as Putin’s buddy in the debates to distract attention from her and Obama’s efforts to restart the cold war.


No Stein; no peace. It looks all we can do is work on building the greening of America in 2020. That is if we all survive the next 4 years of the Amerikan, military’s insanity!


"…policy director for Clinton’s presidential campaign—recommends the next administration step up its “military engagement” amid a more “proactive and long-term approach to the Middle East.”

War criminals. Yeah, she cares about the little boy from Aleppo…

Here Comes President Kill Again…

Ain’t democracy wonderful?
Them Russians can’t win!
Ain’t democracy wonderful?
Lets us vote someone like that in.

Here comes President Kill again,
From pure White House to Number 10.
Taking lives with a smoking pen,
President Kill wants killing again.

  • Andy Partridge

We need a leader that truly cares about little kids in Aleppo and everywhere. VOTE STEIN!!!


There will be no nuclear war. Period.
What we are experiencing is a realignment amongst the major powers-----USA, Russia and China.
Who gets what (countries) is yet to be determined, which is why everybody is talking tough and moving weapons of war around. Spheres of influence.

But relax, because there will be no nuclear war.

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I think more people care than you seem willing to admit but no one listens to them. And for those who don’t “seem” to care, perhaps if they weren’t fed propaganda and watched (and believed) nonsense such as the “debates” more people would have real information and know to care.

The behavior of the MIC and the complicit MSM and politicians is horrifying.


Thanks for posting some great 1980’s music lyrics. They wouldn’t let Andy Partridge on the Partridge Family TV show, which is too bad because he was the best Partridge.


Here are a few clues as to what’s taking place. President Duterte of the Philippines, who is now in China, today announced that he was breaking his connections to the United States in favor of China.
The Syrian war has been lost by the United States and Russia has won. That will cause a major realignment in the Middle East. Israel and Saudi Arabia will now have a much diminished role, while Iran rises to the top of the heap.

There have always been those in the USA, General Curtis Lemay being one, who felt that a limited nuclear strike was winnable. Senator Barry Goldwater also thought so. As did Richard Mildew Nixon who suggested to Kissinger that a nuclear strike against Vietnam would end that war immediately.

And as I’m sure you’re well aware, the United States has been gaming nuclear strikes in various parts of the world since 1945.

But I’ll reiterate, there will never be a nuclear war. Bet on it.

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Apparently my handlers had a sense of humor and yours did not?

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As I have said from the start, Hillary Clinton is NOT a democrat. She is a full scale neoconservative and is as much a warmonger as John McCain. What she is doing, as Bill Clinton started way before 9/11, then Bu$h, Jr. the lesser, and then Obama is carrying out the doctrine prescribed by the Project for a New American Century (P.N.A.C.). She is in lockstep with their statement of intent for global hegemony using superior military force. The reason they wish to get rid of Assad and then Kahmeni in Iraq is because they want to build pipelines across Syria from Saudi Arabia and then across Iran to Qatar to deliver oil and natural gas to the European Union and cut Gazprom from servicing the same. Hillary is NOT the lesser of two evils…and no I’m not giving pass to Trump. One thing Trumps said during the so called debates is that Putin has outsmarted our so called leaders in every move so far. He was right in that assertion as well as calling our current leaders stupid. What he left out is insane. Putin does not want war with the U.S. In fact he simply wants to engage in peaceful trade on a global basis, including with the U.S. If you will notice on the mainstream media “news” they are trying to make Putin out as the evil bad guy and trying to whip up the public into accepting going to war with Russia. Well Russia isn’t Iraq and they can indeed bring the war to our lands in a matter of about 30 minutes. Are you willing to get incinerated simply because the elites want to establish pipelines across Syria to further enrich themselves? I’m damned sure not and in fact wish the elites were the first to go to heaven in a flash of fire. Greedy bastards.