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New Reports Surface of Trump Campaign's Involvement with Foreign Entities


New Reports Surface of Trump Campaign's Involvement with Foreign Entities

Julia Conley, staff writer

Days after the Senate Judiciary Committee released a transcript of its interview with Donald Trump, Jr. regarding his meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential campaign, new reports surfaced suggesting that the president's son met with other foreign entities to discuss the election.


If the proof is irrefutable: Lock Him Up!


Vacuum brain…

(Must come in handy with Daddy DumbFuckleuss.)


This article leaves out mention of Israeli, Joel Zamel, who, along with his band of former Israeli intelligence agents, manipulates social media. He was also at the meeting.

I suggest going to the NYTimes link to get the full story.


Before he’s locked up he should pay a visit to Gina Haspel’s famous torture chambers…


Sorry, PB, but he is a part of “The Untouchables”. You know: the 1% with the different set of rules, laws, and LACK of punishment and a green light for CORRUPTION.


It doesn’t matter because Trump is above the law!


Not for much longer.


54 times he couldn’t remember who he met, who he talked to, what they talked about or when. Hummmm.


After nearly 2 years of investigating with near zero evidence produced of alleged Russian connections to the Pumpkin Fuhrer campaign and the corresponding MSM hysteria, is the focus finally going to go toward the 2/3rds of the axis of evil that really runs the show, Israel and Saudi Arabia? Not likely but one can only hope. Making Excuses for Russiagate


The Koch brothers and other billionaires want to break up the US or rewrite the conststution so it can’t regulate them.

We should all help the Kochs and their group of helpers, Alex. Help Alex scatter the US like dust until it can be totally ignored and there is no tax base for the pentagon except a few billionaires.


Nothing is going to happen – I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets elected for another 4 years. The president once elected from dems or reps works for the lobbyists that put them in office. So much for a democracy. This president is more in your face and the establishment wanted Clinton because she could be controlled more


“The report marks the first indication that foreign entities other than Russia may have sought to influence the election, working closely with the Trump campaign” -

  • as usual ANY mention of the decades of “meddling”, AKA subversion, of American elections omits the greatest long-term offender, Israel. We are subverted by a foreign power that slaughtered US sailors on the USS Liberty in 1967 and was never held accountable or responsible!

Today the truth should be exposed, demanded, to KNOW who our friends are and who our enemy!! The Liberty attack was a pre-meditated, intentional attack, NOT a “mistake” or “mistaken identity” - “Israel claimed they’d mistaken America’s most distinctive ship for an Egyptian horse-cavalry transport half the Liberty’s size with a completely different profile.”

Unmarked Israeli attack planes, the Liberty’s radio towers/antenna’s targeted and all communications frequencies jammed, napalm used on the deck, life rafts machine-gunned, 2 hours of horror, but the Liberty did not sink as was planned, but lived only to be betrayed by their own government!!

A note on the very important anniversary of the Liberty attack is coming up on June 8. The killing of 34 American sailors and wounding of 174 others - 208 killed and wounded - the attack and cover-up by both the US gov and Israeli, have denied justice to the survivors, the US Navy, and truth itself.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80nb9T7zJHA - video review of the Liberty attack.

PLEASE review the history of both attack and cover-up via the linked history and evidence, and inform others of this issue now more relevant than ever. Common Dreams should do a piece on this anniversary, timely and relevant history!


http://www.gtr5.com/evidence/moorer.htm - Admiral Thomas H Moorer (ret) Commission findings


  • The attack timeline events as they happened



@ZimInSeattle: Thanks for the link. I have pondered the idea of ‘Russiagate’ being just another smokescreen used to deflect from the much more sinister reality that a fascist state is being built around us 24/7, relentless and merciless. It is overwhelming to see fascist ideology implemented in all areas of life. The US government and its related entities have proven again and again they are not trustworthy, not reliable, and they will sell its own people a bridge named freedom and liberty…


I would be surprised if that many Americans are content with the level of corruption and theft that exists now to want another 4 years of being fucked.


If you don’t know that Israel interferes in US elections, you’ve been living under a rock.

That interference works out great for Israel, costly (in many ways) for us.
But lets not mention it.


Is this willful misunderstanding or not bothering to understand. You need to go back and study our history and not the patriotic talking head quips constantly fed us as delicious sugary Trix treats in the Market$treamMedia (M$M) and/or M$NBC you are probably consuming. Remember the Articles of Confederation? The US was founded as a Libertarian State - plain and simple. The American Libertarian State in its pure form did not work so the founders had to “adjust” their original form of government to give the federal government more power to regulate commerce and create a national currency in order for their libertarian state to work. And the famous Bill of Rights was not only an after thought designed to assure ratification of the new Constitution but it was designed as a bulk-work to appease the Southern states against the confiscation of their property, slaves, without due process of law. Yes, in order to assuage such fears they had to couch such rights in terms of criminal law which of course has been transferred to civil law with more lax standards. (Yes, for good reason many were afraid of tyranny and the use of criminal law to imprison or execute citizens without just cause.) However, the second incarnation of the US was and is still very much a Libertarian State. All one has to do is look at the function of the US government, the laws that are passed, the regulations and one quickly understands that the lion’s share of such activities are decidedly in favor of business/property contrary to popular belief. Each year SCOTUS hears a very small number of cases concerning individuals, our rights, privileges and immunities either against the government and especially against the predatory practices of Parasitic Capitalism. And most of the cases they do hear involve mostly pro se cases brought by prisoners which believe it or not make such cases important to you and me. Because there is very little defense the average citizen has against the arbitrary and capricious acts of the US government and its various subdivisions (there are far more innocent people in the for profit prison system than you may think). The US has always been a Libertarian State however since 1980 and the election of Saint Reagan, the Patron Saint Of Misdirection And Diversion worshiped by both Wings Of our Wall Street Owned One Party System (WOOPS), they have just been a lot more open about it. Even the great “Liberal Hero” Franklin Roosevelt, the son of a wealthy capitalist family, had as his first priority to save capitalism and the things he told “the people”, my grandparents’ generation, to go out and make him do were just to relieve the pressure that was at the point of exploding into the overthrow of the capitalist system. It was a Libertarian Government that allowed the crash of 1929 to occur. All that Roosevelt supposedly did to reign in capitalism was never really tested because Bill Clinton undid the major bulk-work of it when he signed the repeal of Glass-Steagall leading up to the inevitable Great Clinton-Bush Recession of 2007. Two Libertarians who did not mind regulating you and me but dared not touch the pocket books of their true constituents - the Billionaires who own America and most of the world. As far as the very weak protections of our so-called rights go that were in the US Constitutions the dirge for them began to sound under Tricky Dick Nixon when he instituted the so called War On Drugs which was actually a war on people of color and dissident whites who would not conform to keeping our noses to the grindstone, punching the time clock and pursuing the threadbare, at best, and mostly illusory American Dream. Time to wake up and quit following the Official Party Line handed out in their Daily Pablum. I know critical thinking skills have been erased from the public school curricula but they are easily learned. First assume that everything you hear is a crock of bully poo until proven otherwise especially if it is coming from the M$M.

The long and short of it is that We are not who most Americans across the highly orchestrated political spectrum think we are. We are not a democracy. We are not a free people. We are even less free today than when I was a child and for people of color the entire concept of freedom has gotten even more unattainable since slavery and its immediate aftermath. However, for the first time in our history the 1%, out of fear of losing control, is using tactics to control poor (“deplorable”) whites as entire swaths of this country have been devastated by the outsourcing of good industrial jobs and its attendant local business sectors. We are quickly approaching the end of the American Empire - the time when we will be facing the most dangerous times in our history both on the domestic and foreign front. The Elites know that and so should you. Now is the time to understand what is really happening before it is too late. There is still time for a peaceful nonviolent revolution. Time for all of us to open our eyes. Put all of the politicians from both parties into a dark room and all you will hear is the sound of blind little puppies looking for their next teat to feed on … err … political donation. And as long as we are depending on the Political Class to look out for us and not the Billionaire Class we will remain paddling up Poop Creek Without A Paddle. And that is currently the situation we find ourselves in with a swift current pushing us out to sea.


Nothing surprises me anymore. Anyway , I am sure you know Hillary actually won the election - it was fixed. Democrats won’t speak up since they rigged the election against Bernie.

Movie trump stole it

voter rigging already happening and all the time http://www.gregpalast.com/ He has been around a long time and exposes the voter theft of George bush Jr who ran against Al gore-- Dems don’t speak up since they are corrupt too .


Interesting. You weren’t totally clear on the actual faults that were not just start up kinks in the non violent no supreme court for life articles of confederation (we don’t capitalize the united states or call anyone honorable sir in this revolutionary confederation of states, wondering what will happen next). Otherwise you are darn clear on the democracy thing. We are a representative democracy in a centrally planned capitalist form of government. Right?


Yet, 9 out of 10 continue to vote for this corrupt system.