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New Research Links Flint Water Crisis to 'Horrifyingly Large' Spike in Fetal Death Rates


New Research Links Flint Water Crisis to 'Horrifyingly Large' Spike in Fetal Death Rates

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Shedding new light on the human costs of the ongoing Flint water crisis—as well as underscoring the need for regulatory oversight—a new working paper links the city's now infamous switch from the Detroit system to the Flint River as a water source with a decrease in fertility rates and a spike in fetal death rates.


Lead contaminated water, a 58% increase in fetal deaths, brought to you by the prolife republicans of Michigan.


Less fertility and more fetal death - significantly more - way more.
Brought to you by the authoritarian government closest to you.
Programmed by the culture that creates a society where governments, politicians and corporations rule with impunity decade after decade. People conform to and accept the suffering caused by elite power brokers whose only allegiance is to the big buck and extremist rule.
Real democracy is the only thing that can cure this disease.
Stop pretending ‘progress’ is real progress.


So the perpetrators of the water pollution and those who delayed immediate repairs, those who failed to replace the contaminated and poisoned water with save, and those who covered it all up are guilty of criminal child endangerment, assault on mother and child, and murder!
When will they ALL be arrested, charged, indicted and tried on these very serious charges?
Flint and/or the state must immediately convene/seat a Grand Jury (or juries) to weigh the initial evidence and indict! AND the DOJ its part whatever that might be under the current Grand Wiz!

I’m not holdin my breath for politicians and co-conspirators to do what’s right - jeez, some connected politician or party might be implicated and/or embarrassed!


Don’t expect “pro lifers” to raise holier than thou hell about an actual “murder of the innocent”, since it was perped by their favored pols.


This is genocide. The Republican governor of Michigan and the Democratic administration of Barak Obama allowed this to happen. The EPA was toothless and the governor was (and is) vile. Because most of the victims are Black, Brown, and poor White, they became pawns in the governor’s agenda to privatize the water and the indifference of the federal government. About 70% fewer children born because of contaminated water! And what of the children who were born?


You’re not paying attention to what is happening in the world if you still think it is a good time to bring a child into this world of fire and rain. Leaders of the world are not acting in the best interest of the people and repugs are high up on the list especially in Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin.


They should buy their holier than thou water directly from AmWay, right? Betsy & Erik & a Dick, I believe.


And perhaps the lack of outrage by same could be linked to the fact that the majority of deaths are Black babies…


You left out SC, AL, TX, NC, AR, OK, etc…bastions of GOP thugsters.


Class plays its role, as well, I suspect

Any “otherness” will do, won’t it?


Think about what you’re saying.


Seems like a more fruitful approach would be for a few very bright attorneys to file suit on behalf of these mothers?


Americans , your leaders; Democrat and Republican would rather you all die.


Yes, thank you Skeptic - I am just so angry and frustrated at what has been going on I react like that…want victims to be saved and the criminals/perps to pay for putting money above people.


There will be plenty of lawsuits, Michigan will pay out billions.

However, how can a lawyer prove that babies WOULD HAVE been born in individual cases? In other words, this lowered birth rate portion of the water crisis won’t net Flint residents a penny.

Also, I live in Michigan. You know what I don’t hear? Democrats calling every day for the prosecution of Governor Snyder. Where are they?


I would hope that the undeniable statistics would prevail in a class action.


Amazing how Governor Snyder never ever was forced to testify under oath before a special prosecutor on the horrifying Flint water crisis.There is something to The Motor City Muckraker’s report that the switching of Flint’s water supply from the Detroit water system to the Flint River was never about saving money; but, all about the privatization of the Detroit water system which Flint was connected to…


The people of Flint are predominantly people of color and so your statement is a bit unfortunate, don’t you think so?


Both should happen.