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New Research Links Neonicotinoid Pesticides to Monarch Butterfly Declines


New Research Links Neonicotinoid Pesticides to Monarch Butterfly Declines

Jonathan Latham

USDA researchers have identified the neonicotinoid insecticide clothianidin as a likely contributor to monarch butterfly declines in North America. The USDA research is published in the journal Science of Nature and was published online on April 3rd (Pecenka and Lundgren 2015). (ISN has had hacking problems, again. If this page is unavailable to you, thank the chemical industry, and please try later)


“These results are very worrisome, but it is also crucial not to get lost in the specifics of chemical toxicology and individual species declines” says Allison Wilson, Science Director of the Bioscience Resource Project, a non-profit public interest science organization. “Industrial agriculture is a lethal combination of methods that is causing the extinction of thousands of species worldwide. It is affecting birds, amphibians, bats and other pollinators besides butterflies. Many ecosystems are staring down the barrel.”

This paragraph is vital. So many focus on either the bees or the butterflies, but few recognize that these chemicals are destroying fundamental strands to the great web-works that hold the natural world in balance. So much is being so casually torn asunder to profit so few.

These bastards that are poisoning the world by annihilating natural farming techniques need to be at minimum, imprisoned and given global cease and desist orders. However, treaties as odious as the TPP further empower them… murderers to life from the roots (literally) up.