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New Research Reveals There Are More Than 40 Million Slaves Worldwide


New Research Reveals There Are More Than 40 Million Slaves Worldwide

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

New research reveals that more than 40 million people, primarily women and children, were victims of modern slavery in 2016.


I have to thank Jessica Corbett for writing about this important topic. The thing she might have also mentioned is that now there are open slave markets operating in Libya. Among others, they sell black African people as slaves. I suppose the first black President didn’t think that one through and I doubt he mentions the topic when he gives a speech on Wall Street. Come to think of it I hope he doesn’t; the bankers will try to skim something off of that action.



Among those slaves are the incarcerated in the U.S., who at several facilities are making products for corporations at sweatshop wages.


Maybe the truth is finally beginning to sink in. The reason the world is in the state it is in is because there have been 500+ years of system based predation.
When Chomsky leaned into teasing apart the tangles of “manufactured consent”, it WAS NOT a metaphor.
When people are systematically enslaved FOR PROFIT you are talking profound PSYCHOSIS and a lala land that claims there are no consequences.
Trump has been rattling 500 years worth of chains and jacking off over the hypnosis system he has been handed. PEOPLE ARE FINALLY BEGINNING TO HEAR THEM

Can you say Store CHAIN?

Why do you think people believe Trump when he says there is no climate change - he’s the epitome of every damned lie that has ever been foisted by a system operated like a religion because it decided its better to be PLAYING GOD than praying to a divine entity while it has never grown beyond the diaper stage! I kid you not!

There is no capacity in this system to cultivate discernment, quite the opposite. After hundreds of years
the only way it can drag its knuckles through the shit it constantly deposits is to steal the real value from the lives of EVERY LIVING HUMAN BEING - THAT IS WHAT THE TRICKLE DOWN MEANS. It is the blood of those far away and invisible “externalized” brutalized for the 1% until the steady drip begins to affect you like the ancient Chinese water torture. It finally begins to fill your ears, eyes and conscience until your real place in the in the system they claim is the only real one (HAHAHAAAA!!) in the world can be tasted and identified and you begin to choke on it.

Listen very closely to FALSE EQUIVALENCES “unleashed” by Milton Freedman


Milton Freedman…now that is one distorted and despicable piece of work.


Slavery around the world never really ended. What ended in most places was public slavery - slaves working outdoors where they can be seen and potentially named or counted, and the restraints that prevent them from running away are visible. Indoor slaves, out of sight, being run by various forms of organized crime including Western governments and “intelligence agencies” (e.g. CIA, GHCQ, etc.) continues to be a thriving business today. The criminals and intel agencies simply lie and say “not true”, “doesn’t exist”, in the same sort of way that they lie and deny about essentially all of their activities, including drug trafficking, and murder.


Hell truth be known counting all us wage earning slaves that total underestimates by a billion more true number enslaved our corrupted world.


A poster on another website recently reminded us that today’s sex trafficking of
humans - adults/girls/boys – is another case of history repeating itself …

Notice that it is the impoverishment of large sectors of society which creates the
opportunities for this enslavement of and trafficking – same with war/refugees …

The Victorian Era equivalent to today’s sex trafficking –

Introduction : About 4 years ago, I came across some haunting and disturbing photos of ragged Victorian era children, sentenced to prison and lashings for stealing food or warm clothing. It led me down a rabbit hole of human trafficking, legalized child rape /prostitution, child labor and its wretched abuses, and the complicity of the elites. The predators were found throughout Victorian society, those at the highest levels of law enforcement, parliament, judicial branches, and even royalty. Today we are called the Pizzagate Movement, back then they were known as the Purity Movement. Link shows similar pictures of the children that triggered this research 4 years ago: (http://www.oldpolicecellsmuseum.org.uk/page_id__538_path__0p75p312p316p.aspx))

Summary: History repeats itself: The Purity Movement Activists that fought for the abused and trafficked children left us a game plan that changed the course of history. because it proves beyond a shadow of doubt that a small and fanatical group of people can fight an elite, wealthy, network of pedophiles and win. If not for the work of: William B. Stead, Josephine Butler, Catherine Booth, Dr. Barnard, and so many, many, more, it would be normal and even socially acceptable today to rape a child. It would be socially acceptable and legal to sell a child’s virginity as a cure to syphilis. These tireless activists are responsible for the idea that children deserve a “childhood.” Our cultural norms of today are due to the battle that was known as the Purity Movement during the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian Era. Factories became known as Satanic Mills and the public awareness and outrage grew. During the industrial and Victorian eras, children were considered fresh meat by elites and pimps who benefited from the cheap labor and sexual exploitation. The abuses were horrific, legal, institutionalized and even accepted by mainstream Victorian society. The aristocracy class was neck deep in the depravity and abuse of these children. None of this is exaggerated, in fact, the photos and testimony will bring tears to your eyes.


Victorian / Industrial Society the links below will demonstrate the cultural norms and abuses that were common in Victorian Society. Link below will show pics of children and their abusers. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4287184/pregnant-ten-year-old-girl-victorian-street-kids/

“Harrowing pictures of a pregnant ten-year-old prostitute and tots begging for money capture the heart-breaking poverty of Victorian street children. Eminent Victorian men would unashamedly discuss their attraction to young girls. However a scandal in nineteenth century England caused the government to raise the age of consent and tackle child prostitution. The age of consent was then raised from 13 to 16. During this period, the term white slavery came to be used throughout Europe and the United States to describe prostituted children.” First hand accounts of children who labored in “satanic mills.”

Josephine butler: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josephine_Butler "While investigating the effect of the Acts, Josephine had been appalled that some of the prostitutes were as young as 12, and that there was a slave trade of young women and children from England to the continent for the purpose of prostitution. A campaign to combat the trafficking led to the removal from office of the head of the Belgian Police des MĹ“urs, and the trial and imprisonment of his deputy and 12 brothel owners, who were all involved in the trade. Josephine fought child prostitution with help from the campaigning editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, William Thomas Stead, who purchased a 13-year-old girl from her mother for ÂŁ5. The subsequent outcry led to the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885 which raised the age of consent from 13 to 16 years of age and brought in measures to stop children becoming prostitutes. Her final campaign was in the late-1890s, against the Contagious Diseases Acts which continued to be implemented in the British Raj. 2.Catherine Booth


Conclusions: -It took at least 24 years for the activists to raise the age of consent. Let that sink in, from the first law on the books dated 1861, to the law which finally raised the age of consent to 16, it took 24 years of diligent work. We need a long game. History is repeating itself and history has left us a game plan to stop it.


The United States is not exempt from slavery. Minimum wage workers are actually “wage slaves”. And a handful of obscenely wealthy citizens have been engaged in creating a permanent underclass, whose members will never rise above poverty. Underpaid, undereducated, denied safety net programs, they will spend their entire lives just struggling to survive. They will be wholly at the mercy of their economic overlords. If that is not slavery, then what in hell is it?