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New Research Shows 'Pandemic Profits' of US Billionaires Could Fully Fund $3,000 Stimulus Checks for Every Person in US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/09/new-research-shows-pandemic-profits-us-billionaires-could-fully-fund-3000-stimulus


Our system looks to be gearing up for a grand compromise: measley keep-quiet checks sent-out to people, and in return the corporations get liability protection. Even Sanders seems to be sheepdogging opinion in the general direction of this prospective “deal.” That’s what my little antennae are picking up.


Going to repeat a recent Peter Kalmus (climate scientist) quote:

Stop calling them stimulus checks, that makes it sound like they’re for boosting the stock market.
They are survival checks.


There is one channel of communication that cannot be monitored nor controlled by the Surveillance State… newmessage org… It is truly amazing how fast this country has been shut down and can be shut down by the mere decision from the State. Technology truly controls the masses.


Kind of like “victory gin” and cheap pots and pans to the proles?

the Proles are kept in continuous shortages, so that a small supply of cheap cooking pots is a big deal to them. When people struggle just to survive, the bigger issues are not important.

The “war” is another control mechanism. The occasional bombs serve to destroy parts of the Prole districts, making survival more difficult, plus then the Proles believe that they need the Party to fight off Goldstein.




Pandemic Profits’ of US Billionaires Could Fully Fund $3,000 Stimulus Checks
for Every Person in US


This type of speculation really is a waste of time.
Look, this economy has been built to create a class of billionaires and Trillionaires and a class of Have-Nots… Really a waste of time to speculate… Let’s see,… what about considering $750 Billion of Taxpayer Dollars funding the Military Weapons Dept, and distribute that instead… Stop wasting our time with speculation that will not happen.


Why give $3000 stimulus checks to 8 million of the U. S.'s wealthiest people and their children? We already use the Federal tax code to do this kind of " turbo-charged consumption booster ".
Clear thinking Congressional leaders have already shot this trial balloon and instead are trying to keep 20-25 million American workers in their living quarters, fed and cared for.
Do the math and it’s apparent targeting the limited $$$ makes way more sense in this government created crisis. COVID is the problem, not the workers who were furloughed and laid off. And, in many cases because of political malfeasance, may never get their job back.
Sorry, your personal stock portfolio has no long-term nourishment; not for the people who are being sacrificed on the altar of public health or merely to stimulate illusory conspicuous consumption, as well.


Agree with one change per @Caroline above - They are survival checks.


But but but…Elon Musk just launched a rocket! Let’s get our priorities in order, folks. So what if Americans suffer by the tens of millions and die by the tens of thousands? If we don’t have space exploration to cheer about and our billionaires lining their bank account with more billions of dollars, how dreary our lives would be. Let’s give these insanely rich “winners” in our society the credit they deserve. I might die from Covid or from starvation or homelessness, but at least I can die knowing that, even amidst all this human suffering and death, Americans can still launch rockets and our government can keep making sure that our super-achieving billionaires are taken care of. Not to mention our terrorists – I mean, our soldiers – abroad, ridding the world of all those non-white, non-christian, non-capitalist people that we all know pose a threat to our very existence.

Is this a great country or what?



The people are fine, the ones who think they are “the country” …not so good. Not any good, in fact. Really terrible if truth be told. They need to be disenfranchised. And maybe impoverished, too.

“‘I am being told that including another stimulus check is too expensive,’ Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), a signatory of the House letter, [tweeted] Tuesday. ‘Fine. Tax the rich and pay for it.’”

Walp…saying it is a start…


Yes, they are survival checks.
Under our capitalist system, it’s survival of the fittest.
99% to the super rich, 1% to everyone else.


They are not the fittest. They are the greediest.


You don’t need the services of these people .

Become self reliant, work together as community’s to provide for each other .

Not needing is so empowering.


Your right.
We are watching evolution going backwards.


'disinfranchised …impoverished ’ … why do those conditions sound so familiar??


It gets grossly more expensive when it is an international pandemic, instead of a multi state hurricane or tornado.
Also, thoughts of pallets of cash in Iraq going missing.
But if WE need food or housing just eat cake.


Which 8 million?

They are talking about US – with 320 million Americans and 636 billionaires –

If you presume that the billionaires from the kindness of their hearts were distributing
the funds, presumably they would exclude themselves … ?

True – considering something like this doesn’t mean it will happening – but it does
correctly point us to the GREED of the few and how the system is rigged to profit them…
no matter what happens.


This stimulus takes $140 Billion FROM the unemployment side ( 20+ million ) people who did nothing wrong and got laid off. And, gives it to millions of people who may/may not need it or who haven’t been laid off, aren’t renters, are 5yrs old, etc. etc. It’s a gimmicky distraction from the Trump p.r. side of Washington. He lost, remember? Do you think the laid off care for Trump that much; willing to give up almost $4000 in benefits, so Bill Gates gets a check?
BTW- Something akin to $14 Billion in prior stimulus checks were never received or cashed in. Unemployment payment was almost as bad. We all can agree this kind of slipshod crap needs to end.