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New Resource Digs In to 'Corporate Chieftains' Filling Trump Cabinet

New Resource Digs In to 'Corporate Chieftains' Filling Trump Cabinet

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

For those who want to keep tabs on the corporate influences President-elect Donald Trump's uber-wealthy and "horrifying" cabinet picks will be bringing with them, advocacy organization Public Citizen just unveiled a new resource.

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That little cabinet of horrors is not understood by a huge proportion of our country. Journalists should be connecting the dots for readers and distilling the info so everyday busy and/or ignorant people can see how their own lives are going to be impacted…THEN they’ll get scared and pissed enough to fight back… Right now, I don’t know any trump voters who are realizing they’ve been had.

The only comment I can make is America does have the best democracy money can buy! Greg P. nailed it a long time ago!

It would appear the Gods must be disappointed that such a promising species has failed so miserably their attempt at evolution. And at the risk of showing my own personal arrogance I would say we americans, having been blessed with so much treasure, through our incredible greed and ignorance seem to be ready to squander it all. …… how does the song go? “… now for all the heartache we must pay and the bill is falling due.”

I have learned to co-operate rather than compete, to not “create” enemies. I do not believe “evil” exists, only disconnection from Spirit. HOWEVER, it seems that in the course of our incredibly slow evolution, as history spirals forward through time, current circumstances demand that we must take a stand against seemingly unfathomable ignorance.

I trust you see the issues we, and all of creation on this tinny blue dot, are facing, at least as well as do I. I simply wish to say you have my total support and encouragement to stand absolutely resolute against this unprecedented assault on our civilization and our entire Planet. This is not a time for cooperation on any, any level! This is the time for
to greed, ignorance and hate. We must oppose all proposed appointments and oppose all actions of this incoming “government”.

This is a time for positive action in co-operation with the forces of good and the forces of sustainability, to move forward with all constructive forces. It is our duty to re-establish a Government Of, By and For the People. So we may pass on to our young people and future generations a more healthy Planet than we received. We in the “western” world have lived in such historically abundant times, we owe a great dept to history. Please do all you can to these ends. My thoughts and my prayers are with you all.

Remember, the Source is always with us,