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New Rules On Corporate Secrecy Have Glaring Loopholes


New Rules On Corporate Secrecy Have Glaring Loopholes

Dave Johnson

The Treasury Department released a new rule and several proposals last week that they said are intended to address the problem of corruption and dirty money in secret U.S. shell companies.


The entrenched dig deeper...


The pattern involves granting the impression (to the public) that a problem is being fixed or a situation "reformed" when in actuality, the legalese is set up to permit MORE of the problem the so-called reform (or initiative) purports to fix.

Note the parallel with the war ON terror managing to spread terror exponentially... to thereby provide a 10-year guarantee of work to the MIC and its weapons' designers, contractors, and suppliers.


I got the feeling the Corporations suggested what should be in this bill.


To paraphrase an old adage, this is clearly a case of the corrupt leading the corrupt.


haha--they probably wrote it. :O)