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New Sanders Bill Would Tax 'Obscene' Pandemic Windfall of Billionaires to Fund People's Health and Well-Being

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/06/new-sanders-bill-would-tax-obscene-pandemic-windfall-billionaires-fund-peoples


There is something amiss by allowing an individual to accrue such wealth in the first place.


All the more reason to instill a living wage minimum so every citizen lives a full,safe life along with a limiting cap on wealth avoiding any one individual or group stealing and hoarding it all at the country’s expense.


Wonder why there are so many articles lately highlighting Bernie Sanders, instead of Joe Biden? After all, Sanders committed political suicide quite awhile ago on the altar of DNC power. And Joe is the Democratic nominee, for better or for much, much worse.

So why aren’t Biden’s populist proposals, demanding justice and peace for the least among us, getting all the headlines?

Oh, right.


Whatever happened to the Age of Aquarius? And if Bernie is Don Quixote, then who is his Sancho Panza? Perhaps it is his good friend Joe Biden.

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To be fair,who doesn’t have a “good friend” who’s a racist war criminal bent on cutting Social Security and Medicare?


quote ~ the United States is “currently witnessing what is likely the greatest transfer of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the very rich in the modern history of this country”

This has been the status quo since 2008, i think we’re used to it by now.

Can’t wait to see the dems vote against his proposal.


I have nothing against heavily taxing the rich, but it’s articles like these that continue the false narrative, that the federal government “can’t afford it”, when it comes to something that benefits the people.
Just stroke that keyboard and get it done, just like when our leaders vote for 20 years of war.


Right. And there is something wrong with people thinking they need more than a billion dollars to be sufficient. What is the disease these guys have that makes them think they can never have enough, even if it means the impoverishment of the masses? Is it just greed or complete sociopathy? Are they sociopaths from the beginning or does the accumulation of wealth lead to such self aggrandizement as to think they must be kings? Our government must enforce an enough is enough limit on wealth, but that is never going to happen except at the business end of a gun.


[quote=“Atlas, post:8, topic:80848, full:true”]
quote ~ the United States is “currently witnessing what is likely the greatest transfer of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the very rich in the modern history of this country”

Right Bernie, and didn’t you vote for a big part of that transfer in the covid relief package?


Pelosi will be gunning against Sanders on this one as hard as she gunned in favor of Obamacare in 2010.


The true obscenity is Bernie’s hypocrisy: Voting for the biggest upward transfer of wealth in the history of mankind, and then bitching about it.
Gee, when I had the power to not support this monumental criminal act, I caved. Now that it’s too late, and I’m campaigning for a brain-addled, Wall street crony, I’ll stand up and point my impotent finger at the injustice.
The perversion is enraging.


The vote blue not matter who people I am familiar with do not want to think about these things-----they just want a dem to come in and make things OK again (which is what Biden has stated when he said he would basically be the same old dem as before).

They will take the time to shame progressives for not voting for Biden or hesitating to do so yet do not take the time to look behind the increasingly thinning corrupt curtain in front of the dems.

In some ways this is a reprehensible as a trump voter. Just staying willfully ignorant and let everything collapse, ignore it as long as they have some semblance of normal (401 K, “health” care etc.)

Bernie is everywhere (for better or worse) vs. Joe in the basement or an occasional cringe worthy interview (see below) I watched Bernie’s sharp, focused, topical discussion with Cori Bush, Jamaal Bowman and Rashida Tlaiblast night which was excellent. I guess this kind of thing contributes to the cognitive dissonance around Bernie (for me anyway)

In the meantime we get this clip from Biden (as seen on Rising this morning):


“Krystal and Emily: Joe Rogan KNOCKS Biden After New Cringe Interview Disaster”

Why aren’t people talking about this? The man cannot string together sentences that make sense. He is hostile and impaired cognitively.

People are being silent about this.

Will that change with the debates?

I know, the whole thing is a nightmare . . freak show.


That something wrong–that “disease”–is called capitalism. The sociopathy is inborn to those, like Trump, who inherit wealth. For those who pursue it and succeed, like Bezos, it develops with their wealth. “I never knew I needed a yacht. I never knew I needed a big yacht. I never knew I needed the biggest yacht. And an island. And a spaceship. I win. You lose.”


LOL! Now I’ll have that song in my head all day! My parents loved the Fifth Dimension.
They had that album!

We didn’t get “back to the garden”------damn.


I’d say it started in 1980, and went on nitrous oxide in 2008.


In my view, not political suicide my friend as much as being disingenuous. Bernie knew he would be eventually murdered by the DNC. When Bernie said in 2016 and 2020: " I will support the DNC’s nominee for POTUS" Bernie knew because of the corruption of the DNC! It would never be him. him.


That is THE question! Important question to explore and discuss.

A question that can be tied in to those that objectify everything and part of the reason we are in such dire straights ecologically.

How do these people who have no empathy/compassion come to be?

I was involved with someone like this for many years when I was young----Harvard MBA (I know, that should have been a major red flag!). The other red flag was his love of Ayn Rand. I am going to admit here that I did not know about Ayn Rand then . . . THAT alone was an important piece of information and speaks volumes (see Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan as an example of this among others)

No amount of money was enough. He could fake caring, empathy -----but only for so long.
What I thought was a “relationship” was a “transaction”. Everything is a transaction for these individuals. They cannot have reciprocal, truly caring relationships.

At the time even though I was a therapist, I was not taught to recognize the signs and the dynamics of narcissist relationships.

Long before this man had amassed a huge amount of wealth, these traits were there (lack of empathy). So, the malignancy was there before the money and actually helped him make the money.

The research points to the Dark Triad disorders(narcissism, Machiavelliansim, psychopathy) as very difficult, if not impossible to treat.

Then it snowballs . . the more they get, the more they want, the more abuse, objectification, power, control.

As we see, they are drawn to positions of power, politics, CEO’s etc. and supported by our sick culture.


We know that as long as those who would run for high office must raise “obscene” amounts of money to do so, then we will continue to lather, rinse, repeat.

“We would rather be ruined than changed.” - W.H. Auden


“Is it just greed or complete sociopathy?”