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New Scorecard Shows Only 12 House Democrats Have Fully Embraced Game-Changing Progressive Agenda

New Scorecard Shows Only 12 House Democrats Have Fully Embraced Game-Changing Progressive Agenda

Jon Queally, staff writer

With the momentum and energy within the Democratic Party clearly tilting towards those willing to embrace a bolder, progressive set of policies and priorites, a new congressional scorecard released Tuesday reveals that only twelve lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives have put their support behind five specific bills that would "collectively ensure a strong, just future of public health and environmental protection" in the country.


Duopoly politicians cannot represent us.

Go online today and make a statement.

Change your party affiliation to anything other than the parties of the Duopoly.


There are 78 reps in the “Progressive Caucus”

Do the math


I checked my rep…he supports only one…expansion of Medicare. He is having a town hall next week…guess I’ll ask him why he’s not supporting the rest


I would like to know the names of the 13 that embraced 4 of them. I’m pleased with those that embraced all 5, which included a few names I expected, but did not include some other names I expected, unfortunately, However, 4 out of 5 isn’t that bad considering they’re congressmen.

You’ll get moderate, right-of-center policy from Democrats.

Expecting anything different is willful ignorance.

If anything, I laugh at these 11. Why are they even Democrats? To end up voting for Romneycare?


No surprise as these Fat Cats want their money rolling in and sre no better than Republicans.

I changed my party affiliation to the Green Party a long time ago, but in my view, what is needed is how to change millions from supporting the right and left wings of the Amerikan, war parties.


Bingo, Shanti, you win the prize for the best solution.

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That kind of shoots down the idea that Democrats will save us in 2018 …
if we but vote for them.

Exactly what I’ve been saying for years. Most Democrats are no better than Republicans - Fat Cats who don’t want to upset their very profitable apple cart.