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New Season of Amazon's Jack Ryan Focused on Venezuela Denounced as 'Over-the-Top and Ridiculous' US Propaganda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/05/new-season-amazons-jack-ryan-focused-venezuela-denounced-over-top-and-ridiculous-us


Add to this that Amazon censors comments on their videos and products. When I’ve pointed out right-wing and other nefarious Amazon content, and defective products sold on Amazon, my comments were removed.
Amazon has dozens of faux Christian and right-wing propaganda movies/television series in their video sector. They allow the faux Christians and right-wingers to write comments slagging intelligent programs, but block critics of right-wing propaganda.


This crap goes back literally decades and more. See True Lies with swarthy Arab Terrorists ready to Nuke the USA until Arny arrives to save the day.

Filmed in 1994 this movie was prepping the USA for 9/11 and the Iraq Invasion long before those events occurred.

How about “Invasion USA” filmed in 1985. Here those evil commies from Cuba invade the United States of America until Chuck Norris arrives to thwart their evil plans.

If you follow the timelines these movies tend to precede the next “enemy of the day” by several years. The current crop of films (outside this one and Venezuela) tend to have evil Russians trying to destroy the freedom loving US of A.

None of this is by accident. I have linked to a wealth of articles detailing the links between the CIA the Pentagon and Hollywood. These groups work hand in glove with one another.


You can go all the way back to White Christmas and probably even before. I had not watched the movie in years and years, then a couple of years ago I was bored one Christmas season evening. The propaganda blew me away. It was the last thing I expected in a Christmas movie.


Let’s face it: the Venezuela is a communist hellhole narrative has already taken in this idiot population. Shows like this are just monetizing it.


Goebbels goes Hollywood


Any vulnerable country espousing socialism, especially in our hemisphere, will be targeted by the establishment. To paraphrase Chomsky, it could become a dangerous good example of governing for the majority. Whether it’s unions in Colombia, murdering Catholic priests and nuns in Central America or hints of the Bolivarian Revolution anywhere in Latin America, elites won’t ‘share the wealth’.


Has anyone else noticed that scriptwriting standards have fallen through the hole in the floor since all this superhero crap took hold? Not just action films. Wherever you look, hardly a human being in sight anywhere. I just saw Bohemian Rhapsody, which has some very clever directoral tricks and certainly some classics in the soundtrack. But, for crying out loud, none of the people behaved anything like the way we know people to behave, and so the characters collapse into emotionally-incoherent cardboard cutouts, and it’s impossible to really care.

That keeps happenning to me. In the middle of a movie I’m feeling parched for human company, amongst all the exponentially artificial roles. So I mainly read, where I can find narrative. You know, stories about characters who are interesting because they bear some resemblance to people you know. My writing coach Anthony Trollope understands the importance of narrative, but emphasizes the over-arching importance of interesting characters. Like Charles Schultz, Trollope does best when he stumbles upon a treasure trove of characters who just seize the ball and run with it.

By and large, we settle for so much less from the places we might look for narrative experience. Decent writers and directors like John Sayles are utterly squashed. Instead we’re served this toxic pablum.


From Amazon? Bezos and Amazon have a $600 million deal with the CIA. 'Nuff said.

Amazon’s Marriage to the CIA


I also find it interesting that the trailer uses a soundtrack that is generally thought of as an anti- war song.


Seems as though we are trapped in an idiot vs idiot world.


First of all, you can bet your ass that the U.S. Defence Department funded most or all of this movie. Now our tax dollars are used to dumb down the population and to create enemies where no enemies exist. Krasinski is an asshole for accepting this role, but at the same time, he probably just needed a paycheque.
What is needed is more movies out of Hollywood (the “Fifth Column”) that counters the MIC propaganda. In the meantime, movies like this silly one are nothing more than a recruiting tool to get young, poor Americans to sign up for the military so that they can kill brown people around the world and keep profits intact for multinational corporations. I have will be using this film in class to expose the nefarious propaganda methods used to keep the 99% dumbed down.


Yeah, I’ve never understood why anyone would really think some small country, or large, would be so obvious as to bomb us or send missiles. Putting a bomb in a shipping container or just smuggling bombs in and placing them in tall buildings would be far easier and mostly unseen. If you saw some one delivering a large package to a building, maybe with “refrigerator” marked on the box it would probably not get noticed or stopped. I’m sure it has been thought about, they are not exactly without imagination. Frankly I’m a tad surprised we haven’t been hit with something like this already. 911 had precedent and was even part of an action plot in a book long before.

“Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.”
They eat this shit up and regurgitate it for a second helping. I know hard working blue collar Americans who believe the only thing wrong with America is unions, anything the government runs (except the actual military, they can never do wrong) the VA, and Democrats. They swallow the bullshit hook line and sinker and will punch you over it.


Sounds like more of the same trash that comes out of Bezo’s newspaper.

And the NY Times. Ergo, easy script to write.

Worthy of the National Enquirer and its ilk. At the start of the first Gulf War in 1991, I happened to see one of these despicable tabloids with the headline “Hitler spotted leaving Peru in a speedboat to help his friend Saddam Hussein”.

Jack Ryan has about the same credibility.


Bezos Washington Post, Bezos Surveillance Systems, and now Bezos TV. The little bald guy is insidious.

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Funny you should mention the bomb/container idea, as that was the anti-Arab premise of the first Jack Ryan season on Amazon!
Pro-war/American exceptionalism and hegemony propaganda are a huge feature of Hollywood movies and Amazon content.

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My suspicion is that Bezos has modeled himself after Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies.

I’m reminded of another pop culture Jack-ass, one Jack Bauer, who helped normalize torture for us on the Fox series “24”—but he never failed to agonize over it, so it’s all good.