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New Service Sends Summaries of Your Social Media to Landlords, Employers to 'Assess' You



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"We are from Society Protective Services" and have determined that your profile is not acceptable. Please step into the line marked 'Soylent Green'."


The book of Lieh Tzu circa 400b.c.e
"Caring for reputation vexes the body and withers the heart but the one who takes advantage can benefit self and clan.
But who ever cares for reputation must be honest, if honest you will be poor.
You must be humble and if humble you will not rise in rank."
"So if you really live up to your reputation you will be poor; if your reputation is pretense than you will be rich.

Reality has nothing to do with reputation, reputation has nothing to do with reality."


Left unsaid is the likely reality of a governmental version of this publicly available service. If this data mining service is available to landlords what are the chances that something similar and probably far more comprehensive program is in use by the government?

Also left unsaid is the stark reality of a widening divide between the haves and have nots that is implied by this article. Increasingly we will see more specialized services and programming created for the haves to help give them advantages over the wish they hads. Programs and services which few can afford or which are restricted to the corporate community.

Take a look at what your children and grandchildren will groan under when they confront a whole world of opportunities that are not available to them but are available to anyone who is is wealthy and part of the oligarchate!

No need to submit a resume... "We had already decided against hiring you and it only took your giving us your name. Our software rejected you. Nothing personal!"

Equal opportunity?

Equal will become a relative term in the future.


Won't be long before Microsoft buys this company for billions.


Does the term self censorship send a chill down the spine of future generations? It sends one down mine?


How do we fight this? This is awful.


In a very understated way and far too casually at that, this kind of thing is exactly why a future of extreme haves and far too numerous have nots will be astoundingly oppressive and crushing to the vast majority of the world's people. This kind of thing is the real dividing line between oligarchy and democracy.

This is the real oligarchy that is being created for the future. Previously oligarchy meant only wealth and political power. In the future oligarchy will force people into conformity and obedience - into self censorship through desperation when they don't even tell you why you keep getting rejected for a job or a promotion or an apartment. Why should they tell you? But you'll know and teach your kids to be good serfs and compliant little people because THEY ( their data mining computers ) watch everything you do.

Oligarchy is making its move behind the scenes these last few decades. It isn't only about the money... With computers it becomes all about what the money can buy ... And you can't afford to.


And, of course, the landlords, employers, and others who would read these reports
have the perfect profiles (of what exactly?)

A very sick system just got much sicker.


You forgot the real estate agents. Them too. They look at credit ratings now and in time they will look at >>> what do we call this type of thing? >>> let's call it - social ratings (?) - application ratings (?) ...>>> call this the us not them ratings.


So does this service look at our posts to Disqus??


Yes. Even though your email is not published, they still scarf it up.


Every so often someone using their 'real' name lambastes those who don't for being cowards who encourage a lack of accountability on the internet.

So I'm sure they wouldn't object to this. :wink:

Of course, I always use my real name.

I don't mind every loonie on the internet knowing who I really am.


You are covertly referring to me.

Instead of objecting to the protocols of the Surveillance State itself, you've shifted the blame game to me. Someone with the integrity to stand IN my own name and post opinions.

You also left off the fact that I made this comment when I was under attack from what appeared to be a large number of people... ALL of them hiding behind screen names. Interestingly enough, when C.D. went OFF disqus (which was fluid enough to allow the poster known as "Ham, Bacon and Eggs" to purportedly use close to 100 other screen names, a tactic no doubt used by other web-savvy or I.t. types) the attackers diminished by a major magnitude... virtually overnight.

Coincidence? I think not.

It's dishonest to leave out the background information and cowardly to allude to someone without honestly engaging them. But then it's also dishonest when people feel free TO attack because their screen name works as a camouflage allotting to the individual who is not "under cover" very real tactical disadvantages.

I have a few things going for me:

  1. The power of Truth
  2. An understanding of the Law of Karma
  3. The confidence (in cycles) that knows that "This (phase of ridiculous domination by people with ZERO integrity) too shall pass."

Oh, and I've also recorded much of the prior dynamics. One day that evidence may prove useful.

P.S. That "real name" is in print in numerous publications... and also printed on my American Express Card. So much for your attempt at impugning my reputation and/or honesty.



How long will it take until it's announced, I wonder?


SR, I wasn't thinking of you at all. I don't recall you ever saying everyone should use their real names. I was referring to people who claim they're better than everyone who doesn't use their real names, which I also don't recall you doing.

My only beef with you is I think sometimes you're too much of a grammar maven and, like me, occasionally get a bit more hostile than may be warranted by a specific post.

I think in the main you're a great asset to CD and I appreciate the perspective you bring.


100% spot on.


They are data mining our children as we speak. With Common Core we ushered in a new way to profile our kids before they even get out of school. Every school fight, every time they miss a day, every time they fail a class, everything. This new world order is steam rolling over the future. Our kids are being taught not to disagree, to conform and end critical thinking. Little atomatons if they make the grade, outcasts if not.


I have linked to articles regarding this trend before as it being applied by the US Military. The US Military and other Governmnet agencies are using social media to "assess risk" and who might be a danger to the state. They wish to intergrate this into a new generation of autonomous self aware robots so as to have that threat terminated,

The same people that get on the internet to post how gun control legislation will be used as part of a database to know who has guns so as to sieze them are having their names entered on another database by viirtue of their posts.

Now there a reason this stuff is "leaked" to the press and why they are in many ways so open as to what they are doing. This not because they feel it the Citizens right to know. It to instill a sense of fear in the Citizen so they shut up.

This dovetails into Barack Obama's proposal that every US Citizen be issued an Internet ID in order to post to such forums or to use the Internet for any transactions. Countires inside the EU also which to limit what people can post under the auspices of "anti-hate laws" wherein disputing the official account of a crime by the Government is deemed a crime.

And this just in.


Your Twitter handle may soon be part of the US visa process. Yesterday, US Customs and Border Protection entered a new proposal into the federal register, suggesting a new field in which persons entering the country can declare their various social media accounts and screen names. The information wouldn’t be mandatory, but the proposed field would still provide customs officials with an unprecedented window into the online life of travelers. The process already includes fingerprinting, an in-person interview, and numerous database checks.